Born Pretty Store Review #1 (Pic Heavy)

Born Pretty Store

If you follow any nail blogs or nail art vloggers on YouTube chances are you’ve heard of the Born Pretty store before. They’re mainly know for nail stamping and nail art tools and accessories — at least that’s how I knew them — but they sell tons of products, everything from nail and makeup to clothing and accessories at really low prices. I’m talking really low, like wholesale or close to manufacturer prices.

Last month they reached out to me and asked me if I wanted to try a few of their makeup products for review. If they had demanded only positive reviews from me I wouldn’t have accepted but they wanted honesty so I accepted.

They allowed me to try 3 makeup items of my choosing. I’m going to say up front that I got them for free but that’s all. Beyond that I’m not being compensated. There’s a 10% off coupon code and link to the Born Pretty store at the bottom of the page but I’m not making any commission off of that code and the link will take you directly to the Born Pretty homepage. It’s not an affiliate link. They did say, however, that if enough people use the coupon code that they’ll sponsor a giveaway in the future, so that’s cool and something to look forward to.

Now that that’s out of the way, let’s move on to the product reviews!

Born Pretty Store

The 3 makeup products I chose are:

Normally I like to save the best for last but I thought I might lose some of you if I did that and I want you to stay with me the whole way, so I’m going to start off with my favorite of the bunch instead.

Born Pretty Lip Stain #6

The Red Purple Liquid Lip Gloss Multicolor Moisturizing Long Lasting Liquid Lip Stick 7 Colors is a crazy long name but to put it simply it’s a lip stain. “Lip gloss” and “moisturizing” are total misnomers because this doesn’t have a glossy finish on my lips at all. And although I wouldn’t call it drying it’s not moisturizing either. If your lips are chapped it won’t hurt them but it’s not going to help them either. If you want moisture, you’re better off using a lip balm.

What this is, however, is a fabulous lip stain. Think Benefit Benetint except 10x more pigmented and without any scent or flavor. I actually reviewed Benetint last year and I was so disappointed with it: the color’s so sheer, the product bled everywhere (I had so much trouble swatching it) and it had a rose fragrance that I disliked.

The Born Pretty version is available in 7 colors. I chose the brightest and reddest shade because I was looking for that “I’ve just eaten a cherry popsicle” effect.

Let me tell you, this Born Pretty lip stain is everything I wanted Benetint to be. If you were disappointed by Benetint like I was or, on the flip side, it you love Benetint, you need to try this lip stain because it’s so much better.

Born Pretty Lip Stain #6

The product comes in a small frosted glass bottle with a brush applicator so you have a lot of control. It makes application a cinch.

The lip stain has a thin and very watery consistency yet stays in place wherever you apply it until you blend it. It doesn’t drip down my hand or face and it doesn’t bleed everywhere the way Benetint does.

Since this is a lip stain you do want to work kind of fast with it because it will stain. I only had the swatches on the back of my hand for 5 minutes before I wiped them off with a baby wipe and as you can see it definitely stained my skin. I had to go back in with an oil-based waterproof makeup remover to clean the swatches off completely.

Born Pretty Lip Stain #6

Born Pretty Lip Stain #6 – Wiped off (it really stains!)

Pigmentation is definitely buildable. I used one layer for a MLBB (my lips but better) effect and with two layers I was able to achieve the cherry popsicle look I wanted. The stain sets to a natural skin finish. There’s no glossiness or shimmer to it at all. If you see any shine, that’s all due to the camera flash.

And although the product is marketed as a lip color, I tried it on my face and it works amazingly as a cheek stain too. Just a bit of advice: if you’re going to use it as blush, do one cheek at a time and work quickly because it stains and sets fast.

Born Pretty Lip Stain #6. Clockwise from top left: bare lips, 1 layer, 2 layers.

If you’re only going to get one product from Born Pretty, let it be the lip stain. I had originally planned on getting three shades of the lip stain as my free products to try but at the last minute I decided to try three different types of products instead. Huge regret. I definitely want to try a few more shades, especially the orange.

Born Pretty Color Changing Lipstick

This second item I chose just for kicks because it looked fun. I actually saw a few blog and YouTube reviews for it online, all positive by the way, which sealed the deal for me.

The product is officially called 1pc Lip Stick Fashion Color Changing Rose Red Lip Balm No Fading and, like the name says, it’s a color changing lipstick.

To be honest, I haven’t had a lot of luck with products like this in the past. I don’t know if it’s because my pH isn’t in the lipstick’s ideal range, if my body temperature is too cool or my mood is too neutral but color changing lipsticks usually have little to no effect on me. The last one I tried was the It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush in Je Ne Sais Quois back in 2013. That one was a huge bummer because the color hardly changed on my lips and it cost $20.

Born Pretty Color Changing Lipstick

Admittedly, the Born Pretty color changing lipstick comes in very cheap looking plastic packaging with Magic Colour written on the cap. It costs $1.59, though, so I’m not going to complain especially since the product itself does what it says

Just at a glance, the lipstick is a translucent pale green color. There’s no visible shimmer, frost or glitter.

If I hold the lipstick up to my nose I can smell a hint of green apple but it’s very faint, almost scentless.

The texture is very thin and slippery, so it’s similar to the It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush in that respect because I thought that lipstick was a bit oily feeling too. Understandably, the finish is very shiny and glossy but, surprisingly, the shininess lasts for quite awhile on the lips so I’d say this lipstick is on the more moisturizing side.

Born Pretty Color Changing Lipstick

The magic in the Magic Colour lipstick comes into play the second it makes contact with skin. With all of the color/mood changing lipsticks I’ve tried in the past, I’ve had to wait 10+ minutes before I noticed a difference but the change from translucent green in the tube to pink on the skin with the Born Pretty lipstick is instantaneous. I would describe the final color as a sheer cool toned pink.

One thing that shocked me was that long after the shine from this lipstick fades, the color remains. After I had taken the swatch photos for my blog, I had a soda and then wiped my lips with a napkin. I probably should’ve looked in a mirror before I headed out the door but I didn’t. A few hours later I saw my dad and he wondered why my lips were so pink, so this lipstick definitely stains and the color is long wearing.

If you like fun and quirky cosmetics, long wearing lip stains, and lip products with a lot of slip (e.g. Smith’s Rosebud Lip Salve, Jack Black lip balm, It Cosmetics Vitality Lip Flush, Vaseline) consider giving the Magic Colour lipstick a try. I think it’s pretty cool and I would love to see it available in more colors besides their standard pink.

Bare Lips (left), Born Pretty Color Changing Lipstick (right)

Born Pretty Blush #1

The last item I tested is the Ruddy Liquid Makeup Blusher Gel Pink Blusher Rouge Pretty Cosmetic Blush 2 Colors. Of course, being the orange lover that I am, I went with shade #1.

The swatches below are pretty true to life but sadly the photos of the tube make the product look more muted than it really is. In person the blush in the tube looks borderline fluorescent. When I first got it in the mail I was almost afraid to use it because it looked so bright but it’s actually very sheer on the skin. The good thing is the tube is huge (0.83 fl oz) and the blush is buildable in pigmentation so it balances out.

Born Pretty Blush #1

Born Pretty Blush #1

Born Pretty Blush #1

The color is a bright, milky, pinkish peach with no shimmer or glitter and the pigmentation is sheer but buildable.

I would describe the texture of this blush as similar to a rich body lotion that leaves a bit of sheen behind on the skin. My advice if you’re trying to build the color up is to apply a bit of the blush at a time and allow the product to sink into the skin before you add another layer. Since the product is so creamy and lotion-y, it’s easier to work it into the skin a little bit at a time rather than piling on a huge glob of it all at once.

Born Pretty Blush #1

Born Pretty Blush #1

The one aspect of the blush that I’m not crazy about is the fragrance which is quite strong. Think Ponds (original formula) or Olay back when it was known as Oil of Olay, sort of a powdery floral. We’re talking old school scented lotions, the kind your mother or grandmother used back in the day.

My mom used Oil of Olay (the pink stuff in the jar) when I was a kid, so I don’t mind a little bit of this scent because it’s kind of nostalgic for me. But since this blush is so sheer and you have to use a lot of it to build up the pigmentation, the scent gets increasingly stronger the more you pile on. The scent also lingers which is good if you love how it smells but if you hate it…oh, well.

Born Pretty Blush #1, BECCA Grapefruit

I swatched the Born Pretty blush alongside BECCA Grapefruit to show you the difference in pigmentation between the two.

BECCA Grapefruit and the Beach Tints in general are extremely concentrated with more of a silicone-y texture. I used a tiny drop of Grapefruit in the swatches below and to get an equal level of pigmentation out of the Born Pretty blush I had to use 3x-4x the amount of product. However, the Born Pretty blush comes with over 3x the amount of product in the tube (0.83 fl oz) compared with the BECCA Beach Tint (0.24 fl oz) so, as I said earlier, it evens out. It’s not as pigmented but you get a ton of product and the color’s buildable, so it’s okay to go heavy handed.

BECCA Grapefruit is described as a pale coral pink and as you can see it’s definitely pinker and more subdued compared to the brighter, peachier Born Pretty blush.

Honestly, I still prefer the BECCA Beach Tints. The texture is easier to blend, the colors are more pigmented, and the Beach Tints are more long wearing. They last all day on my cheeks. The Born Pretty blush fades on me only after a few hours and I have extremely dry skin. And although the Beach Tints are scented, too, their fragrances fade after a few minutes on the skin. I do, however, prefer the peachy color of the Born Pretty blush. It’s so pretty.

Born Pretty Blush #1, BECCA Grapefruit

Born Pretty Blush #1, BECCA Grapefruit

If any of the items I reviewed today interest you, then please take advantage of the 10% off code MSYG10 and click on over to the Born Pretty store through the link below. Again, I’m not getting any commission from it.

The liquid lip stain is definitely worth a try. It’s surprisingly pigmented and easy to work with. And if you have room in your shopping cart, toss in one of those color changing lipsticks for fun. It’s cool!