Cute Dollar Tree Cups

Cute Dollar Tree Cups

Remember a couple of weeks ago when I purchased that cute plastic mason tumbler at Walmart to motivate myself to drink more water? I complained that Dollar Tree only carried glass versions that although cute are too heavy. Well, wouldn’t you know it, I spotted plastic versions there this very afternoon.

The Dollar Tree cups are a bit smaller than the Walmart tumbler — the orange tumbler is 16 oz and the mason jar mug is 16.5 compared to Walmart’s 20 oz tumbler — but the Walmart version cost $7.84 and the Dollar Tree cups are only $1 each. They also come in a bunch of colors which you can check out here and here.

Cute Dollar Tree Cup

Both Dollar Tree cups are double insulated to keep cold drinks cold and come with reusable, hard plastic straws and screw top lids much like the Walmart tumbler. You can kind of see the double wall of the cup when it’s filled with liquid.

I wish I had known in advance that Dollar Tree was going to start selling these because I could’ve saved myself some money.