Tarte Beauty in the Basics Unboxing

Tarte Beauty in the Basics

About a week ago in my Tarte Showstopper palette review I swore I would never buy another Tarte eye shadow again but less than one week later I ended up ordering the QVC TSV Tarte Beauty in the Basics kit. So much fail! (Referring to myself, not the kit.)

Tarte Beauty in the Basics

Tarte’s Amazonian Clay powder formula doesn’t agree with my dry skin — it’s too dry and doesn’t adhere well — but I watched the QVC presentation for the Beauty in the Basics collection and apparently the eye shadow quad features a different, creamier, colored clay formula. That really piqued my interest and the colors in the quad are right up my alley. I simply couldn’t resist that shimmery taupe.

Their new Smoothing Balm foundation was also really tempting. Being someone with dry skin I love cream foundations in general but I especially love the portability and convenience of cream compact foundations. Makeup companies don’t seem to come out with a lot of cream compacts these days  — it’s mostly liquids and creams in bottles, tubes and jars — so it’s always exciting to see a new one on the market. The Smoothing Balm is available in several shades but I went with Light because I was worried that Fair would be too pale for me.

Honestly, the item that interested me most in the collection was the Smoothing Balm Brush. It looked so soft and dense on-air but I’m sorry to say that in person the brush fell short of my expectations. I had planned on using it to stipple on the foundation (my skin is very dry and prone to flakiness so I never buff with brushes) the same way I would with the Target Up & Up Complexion Brush or Sigma F80 but  when I played with it on the back of my hand the Tarte brush had too much give and the bristles felt pokey against my skin. There was no way I was going to use it on my more sensitive face, so I sold it off.

The mascara and chubby lip pencil are also going to go up on my blog sale new and unused. I’ve heard lots of wonderful things about Tarte’s Lights Camera Lashes mascara but I have watery eyes so I can only use waterproof mascaras. Unfortunately the mascara in the kit is non-waterproof. And I’ve never been a fan of Tarte’s lip products because they’re all mint scented and I hate mint, so that’s up for grabs too.

I haven’t decided if I’m going to keep or sell off the eyeliner yet because I don’t know how water resistant and smudge proof it is. For now I’m going to set it aside and wait to see/hear from others how it performs before deciding. I love the idea of a skinny tightline pencil though and black brown is my favorite color of eyeliner. It’s not as harsh as jet black so it looks softer and more natural on the eyes. I’m all about the “no makeup” makeup.