Target Up & Up Concealer Set

Target Up & Up Concealer Set

The Up & Up concealer brushes are the last of the Target in-house brushes that I purchased. The brushes come in a set of two for $5.99.

Use this uniquely designed up & up ® concealer duo for smooth, precise application of liquid, cream, or powder concealer. The rounded brush tip allows you to target small areas, including around the nose and over blemishes, while the angled brush tip allows you to target angled areas around the eyes for complete coverage.

Target Up & Up Concealer Set

Sigma’s Precision Flat P80 is one of my all time favorite brushes for concealer application. Think of it as the mini-me version of the popular Sigma F80 brush. The Precision Flat P80 is a super dense, tightly packed, flat top synthetic brush that’s awesome for patting spot concealer into the skin for a seamless finish.

When I saw that the Up & Up line had a concealer duo that looked a lot like some of the brushes from Sigma’s Precision brush line, you know I had to compare them. (The cuts of the Target brushes are probably more similar to the Sigma P82, P84, P86 or P88 but I only have the P80.)

Target Up & Up Concealer Set, Sigma P80

In the Concealer Set you get one angled concealer brush and one slightly rounded, tapered brush. Both Up & Up concealer brushes are extremely soft. Among all of the Up & Up brushes I’ve tried so far the Complexion Brush and the Concealer Set are definitely the softest. None of them are prickly or pokey on the skin in the least.

The Target brushes compared with the Sigma P80 are a lot smaller on the whole. The diameters of the brushes are smaller, the bristles are shorter and the handles are shorter, too. In addition, the Sigma brush is way denser than the Up & Up brushes.  The Up & Up brushes aren’t as full and tightly packed with bristles so they have a lot more movement and give. As a result I feel they aren’t as good as the P80 for patting in spot concealer. The P80, while soft, is very stiff because it’s so tightly packed, so it’s great for pushing product directly into the skin. When you try to stamp concealer into the skin with the Up & Up brushes the bristles splay outwards more so the brushes don’t offer as much precision or control.

I prefer the Sigma P80 by far. The Up & Up concealer brushes are all right but having used the P80 they just don’t measure up. If you can only spend money on one concealer brush and you have to decide between the Up & Up Concealer Set and the P80 the Sigma brush is the one I’d recommend. I think it’s well worth the money.

There are other brushes in the Up & Up collection that I haven’t tried yet but I’ve bought, used and reviewed all of the ones that interest me. I don’t plan on trying any of the others. Personally, I think the Up & Up Complexion Brush is fantastic and the only brush worth getting from the collection. I love it more than the Sigma P80, Real Techniques Buffing Brush and Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. The rest of the Up & Up brushes are okay but nothing special in my opinion.

Sigma P80, Target Up & Up Concealer Set

Sigma P80, Target Up & Up Concealer Brush