BECCA Beach Tint – Fig

BECCA beach Tint – Fig

BECCA Fig is the reason I went on my Beach Tint spree at Sephora. The one I’m showing here is a deluxe sample that was included as part of a kit that I purchased months ago. I had completely forgotten its existence until I found it while cleaning my stash recently but ever since then I’ve had a hard time not using it everyday.

I’m working my way gradually through my new Beach Tints but so far I’d say Fig is my favorite. Sadly it’s the shade I hear people talking about the least.

BECCA beach Tint – Fig

BECCA describes Fig as a tea rose pink. It doesn’t contain any shimmer and it has a sweet, fruity scent. If you’re a fan of the BECCA powder blush in Sweet Pea or pinky nude blushes in general then Fig will be right up your alley. It’s such an easy, slap it on and go, perfect for any occasion, natural looking, everyday type of blush. However because it’s a paler color, I’d only recommend it to those with lighter skin (<NC20). I suspect people with darker complexions will have trouble making Fig work even layered.

All of the other Beach Tints I’ve used have a lightweight, thin, slightly silicone liquid consistency but this one is a little more mousse-like. I don’t know if it’s because my tube is a bit older and the texture’s changed but I don’t think it affects the performance. My Fig blends as easily as the other Beach Tints I own and wears just as well. When I’m through with my sample I definitely plan on buying a full size tube.

It’s perfectly understandable that people gravitate to the brighter BECCA Beach Tints but next time you’re at Ulta or Sephora give Fig a swatch. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

BECCA beach Tint – Fig