BECCA Beach Tint – Guava

BECCA Beach Tint – Guava

BECCA’s Beach Tint in Guava (0.24 oz, $25) is described as a bright coral pink. It’s one of the items I purchased during the recent Sephora VIB sale.

BECCA Beach Tint – Guava

The BECCA Beach Tints remind me a bit of those L’Oreal Visible Lift Blur Blushes. They’re both really silicone-y in formula but the Beach Tints are much, much better. They have a thinner, creamier consistency that makes them a lot easier to blend and they have way better color payoff. In comparison, the L’Oreal blushes were a lot denser and felt like your average silicone-based foundation primer.

Guava’s a beautiful color that’s perfect for the spring/summer but the thing I love most about it and the Beach Tints in general is its finish. Guava is completely shimmer-free and dries down to a matte, stain-like finish so it never looks like I’m wearing a ton of makeup on my face. It just looks like skin.

I’ve been applying the Beach Tints using the e.l.f. Studio Small Stipple Brush. First, I squeeze some of the blush onto the back of my hand, then I pick up the product by tapping my brush into it and stipple that onto my cheeks.

BECCA Beach Tint – Guava

The Beach Tints are supposed to be able to do double duty as both cheek and lip stains but I find them quite drying on the lips. I think they could probably work on top of or underneath a lip balm or topped with a gloss but personally I’ll be using these strictly as blushes.

I swatched Guava on my lips in the photo below. In the “Before” picture of my bare lips, I’ve just wiped off my lip balm which is why you can still see some residual moisture and shine. When I applied a bit of Guava directly to my lips in the second photo, it left a sheer coral tint behind but it sapped all of that moisture and shine away and completely mattified my lips.

Bare Lips

BECCA Beach Tint – Guava

The only thing I really dislike about about the Beach Tints is that they’re all heavily scented. The Fig Beach Tint is supposed to smell like figs, the Guava Beach Tint is supposed to smell like guavas, the Watermelon Beach Tint is supposed to smell like watermelon, yadda yadda yadda. However they’re not true, authentic smelling fruit scents but cloying, super sweet, artificial fruit candy scents. Thankfully, they’re only strong when you first squeeze them out of the tubes and as you’re blending them. The scents fade once they’ve fully dried and set.

BECCA Guava, Sonia Kashuk Casablanca

I mentioned in my blog post about the limited edition Sonia Kashuk Casablanca blush that although I think the color’s gorgeous and wears beautifully on the skin, I’m sensitive to some of the ingredients, namely talc and silica, and if I found a better alternative I’d get rid of Casablanca. Well, while Guava is pinker than Casablanca it’s around the same color depth and sheered out on the skin it looks very similar to Casablanca. So adios to Casablanca.

I think Casablanca’s one of the standout products from the Sonia Kashuk Sahara Sunset collection — the color’s just so, so pretty — and still recommend it, provided talc and silica don’t bother you.

BECCA Guava, Sonia Kashuk Casablanca

I plan on swatching all of my BECCA Beach Tints eventually but I’ve been playing around with them and I’ve discovered that if I add a drop of the bright red-orange Papaya to Guava that I get an even closer approximation of Sonia Kashuk Casablanca.

That’s another thing I really like about the BECCA Beach Tints: they’re customizable. Who says you have to use them as is? Mix them together to create new shades.