Sephora VIB Sale: Part 2

Sephora VIB Sale Haul

I kind of went a little blush crazy.

I purchased everything here online in order to take advantage of the 7% cash back offer on Not affiliated. It’s just a good deal. I go back and forth between mrrebates and ebates depending on who’s offering the higher percentage.

I hauled the:

  • Clinique Cheek Pop in Nude Pop
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Dragonfruit
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Guava
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Lychee
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Papaya
  • BECCA Beach Tint in Watermelon

What’s strange is I was sure I didn’t like the BECCA Beach Tints. When Duane Reade used to carry the brand in their higher end Look Boutiques, I swatched a bunch of shades and I remember being unimpressed with the formula. The blushes in all of the testers were separated so when I squeezed some product out of the tubes all I would get was yucky liquid. But recently I was given a sample of the Beach Tint in Fig and not only did the beautiful color win me over but I surprisingly found myself really enjoying the formula. It applied and blended so easily and felt so lightweight on the skin. I guess all I really needed was a fresh tube.

I think I own all of the colors now except for Raspberry and Grapefruit. I really wanted to get Grapefruit but it was sold out when I placed my order. I see that it’s back in stock now but I think I have enough Beach Tints to play with at the moment so I’ll probably hold off on buying Grapefruit. As for Raspberry, I’ll take a pass on that since berry shades generally don’t flatter my skin tone.

I was so excited to play with the Clinique blush because I’ve heard nothing but raves about the Cheek Pops. In fact, I wiped off all of my makeup and reapplied everything just so I could test out Nude Pop. Gotta say I’m a little underwhelmed. The color’s lovely, don’t get me wrong, but the finish and texture aren’t wowing me at the moment. It went on rather sheer and I had to build the color up. However I’ve heard that it takes a few uses before the Cheek Pops become yummy, something about having to break through a hard top layer, so I’ll give the blush a few more tries before giving up on it. I swatched some of the Cheek Pop testers in a Sephora and the textures of those did feel a lot softer and they swatched a whole lot better too.