Random Berry/Red Lipstick Swatches

Almay Berry Light Medium, Almay Berry Medium, Revlon Sugar Plum, Clinique Super Strawberry, Jordana Sweet Strawberry

I’ve made tons of headway purging my lipstick collection. I’d say we’re in the homestretch now. Today I was working on the remainder of my red and berry toned lip butter-type lipsticks.

I’m more of a MLBB/neutral pink kind of girl when it comes to lip products, so it was rather easy narrowing down the reds and berries in my lip butter stash. I’ve gotten rid of a ton from both of these color families already but for the final few stragglers I wanted to give a little insight into my process of deciding which to keep and which to purge. This is similar to the process I used for purging blushes, bronzers, highlighters, etc.

First, I lay out all of the items so I can see them together clearly. (This step isn’t as helpful with lipsticks as it is with cheek products.)

Next, I swatch them side by side so I can compare the shades, color payoff and finishes. Based on this step, I knew I wanted to keep Jordana Sweet Strawberry. I’ve owned this for awhile so I know it has a lot of glossy shine, is nicely pigmented and gives my lips the loveliest I-just-ate-a-cherry-popsicle color. I also realized after this step that Revlon Sugar Plum is a definite keeper. Texture-wise it’s very similar to the new Almay Butter Kiss Lipsticks, so if you like the Revlon Lip Butters you’ll more likely than not dig the Almay Butter Kisses too. The Almay lipsticks vary in pigmentation from shade to shade. I’d say Almay Berry Light and Revlon Sugar Plum are equally pigmented but Sugar plum has better pigmentation than Almay Berry Light Medium. Pigmentation notwithstanding, I have a slight preference for the Sugar Plum shade so that’s the one I ended up keeping. And while I love, love, love the Clinique Chubby Stick formula, Sweet Strawberry is simply a little too cool toned for my liking so it also had to go.

Unfortunately, the two lipstick I decided to keep have been discontinued so once I use them up that’ll be it. Bye bye. Revlon discontinued Sugar Plum from their Lip Butter line in the past year and I believe Jordana is gradually phasing out their Easyshine lipsticks if their website is any indication (there used to be 12 shades and now there are only 4).

In my opinion, Jordana Sweet Strawberry is one of those unsung drugstore heroes. It’s my favorite drugstore red lipstick because it’s pigmented yet not super duper opaque, so it’s great for people who aren’t used to wearing red but want to dip their toe in the red lipstick pool. I prefer it to the much hyped NYC Sheer Red that’s much darker and bolder; contrary to its name, Sheer Red isn’t that sheer. In my opinion, Sweet Strawberry is a lot easier to wear.

If you’d like to see how Jordana Sweet Strawberry stacks up against NYC Sheer Red, I swatched a bunch of my pre-purge red lipsticks awhile back here.

Almay Berry Light Medium, Almay Berry Medium, Revlon Sugar Plum, Clinique Super Strawberry, Jordana Sweet Strawberry