And yet more haulage…

Sephora Haul

I know, I know! I’m so bad. The idea was to cut down my makeup collection and keep it small, not build it back up again.

I was browsing as I often do and filling up my cart with items that I want. I do that a lot. I put together a hypothetical purchase order of makeup I’d like to buy but I rarely ever pull the trigger. However on that particular day I noticed that my annual Sephora Beauty Insider Birthday Gift had become available (my b-day isn’t until March) so I decided to follow through and complete the transaction.

I purchased two bareMinerals READY eyeshadow duos: The Magic Touch and The Enlightenment.

The Enlightenment features two really neutral light/mid-tone shades that I think will be a good everyday combo for me.

The Magic Touch is a duo I’ve been thinking of getting for awhile now. I used to own The Scenic Route but the olive shade in it was too vivid and “colorful” for me and the white that was paired with it was very stark. The Magic Touch is a more subdued neutral duo and while it also contains an olive shade, it’s more of a toned down olive brown whereas The Scenic Route contains more of a brighter olive green.

Although the NARS gift set is what pushed me to place an order, I only plan on trying the pink Rikugien pencil. I’m not a bold lip person at all so the red Cruella pencil is going up for sale unused. As far as gifts go this is actually a great one. A regular full size NARS pencil is 0.086 oz and costs $26. The pencils in the Sephora gift are 0.06 oz each, so if you do the math that’s like getting two $18 pencils.

And in a random, spur of the moment decision, I cashed in some of my Points and got the Sephora tote bag. In hindsight I don’t know why I did. You earn 1 Point for every dollar spent. The bag cost 250 Points so that’s like spending $250 and getting a canvas tote bag. Is it worth that? Hell no! I’d have been better off saving my points but I have so many sitting in my account and I rarely see anything worth getting. At least this bag is something I can use over and over again.

Sephora Haul

I think the online stock photo makes the bag seem larger and squarer than it is so I wanted to show you how it looks in real life. The canvas is on the thinner side, so I wouldn’t recommend it for hauling really heavy materials around. A few lightweight paperbacks or maybe a light grocery trip for some lettuce and bread would be okay, nothing too big or weighty. The base of the bag is very small and narrow (not much bag depth) so when the bag hangs off the shoulder it has a trapezoidal shape and lays pretty flat against my body.

Ignore the dorky blue socks. I took my snow boots off otherwise you wouldn’t see them. And pretend you don’t notice the shipping box. I was in the middle of packing some stuff when my Sephora order arrived, so I just shoved it into the background and forgot it was there when I went to take a photo of the bag 😛

For reference I’m about 5’7″ – 5’8″.

Sephora Haul

Last but not least I purchased bareMinerals’ The Epiphany and The Cliff Hanger duos in a separate shopping trip.

Remember The Magic Act set that I purchased a couple of months ago? I really liked the A-ha and Foreshadow shades in the palette but didn’t care for most of the cheek products, so I returned it. The Epiphany duo contains those very two eyeshadow shades but after seeing it in person next to all of my other bareMinerals duos I realized that the shimmery shade is a little too similar to shades I already own and the matte brown shade is too dark for my tastes. I tend to go for light-medium neutrals and stay away from deep, dark shades. I haven’t even swatched the duo but I hate returning makeup so I’ve put it up for sale still brand new and unswatched on my blog sale.

bareMinerals The Epiphany & The Cliff Hanger

And although I really liked it at the time, I decided to get rid of my beloved Too Faced Boudoir Eyes palette. Moving forward I’ve decided to try not to purchase big palettes and stick to smaller duos, trios and quads because there’s always at least one shade in larger palettes that I dislike and never use. With the Boudoir Eyes palette there was that dark French Tickler shade that I never touched but I rather liked Voulez Vous and Garter Belt. I wanted to get The Cliff Hanger because the two shades in it reminded me a little of Too Faced’s Voulez Vous and Garter Belt except the lighter bareMinerals shade is more of a putty color and not as grey.

I’m still on the fence about whether or not to keep The Cliff Hanger. My tastes keep getting tamer everyday so it might be a little smokier than the look I’m going for these days.