Drugstore & Dollar Tree Haul

CVS & Target Haul

It feels like it’s been forever since I’ve shopped at the drugstore for new makeup because recently all of my attention has been focused on reducing what I already have. But now that I’ve cut down the amount to a manageable level I treated myself to a bit of a haul.

After being deprived for so long I could’ve easily gone buck wild in the store but I exhibited restraint and limited myself. *Pats self on back*

Out of all the cosmetics brands available at the drugstore my favorite is Physicians Formula. I don’t love everything they make (I can say the same about any makeup brand, low-end or high) but they make some of my favorite drugstore cheek products. I’m always drawn towards their newest releases whether it’s because of their packaging (which can range anywhere from cute to gaudy) or innovative formulas and ingredients.

Letting myself have free reign in CVS, I immediately headed over to the Physicians Formula display to check out the new stuff. I was initially interested in trying their Argan Wear Blush and Bronzers but I’ve seen reviews that mention they’re heavily scented so I decided to skip those and instead purchased their Argan Wear Argan Oil. It’s just plain, fragrance-free, 100% argan oil that comes in a cute bottle with a dropper. I’m a fan of Josie Maran’s Argan Infinity Intensive Creamy Oil and know that argan oil is an ingredient that works well with my skin, so it’s nice to finally be able to go into any drugstore and pick up a bottle of the stuff whenever I feel like it. The only negative is the Physicians Formula argan oil costs $14.99 for a 1 fl oz bottle but luckily Physicians Formula is a brand that’s regularly on sale at CVS.

I also decided to buy the Physicians Formula Organic Wear CC Cream. This item isn’t new but I’ve always been curious about it so I grabbed the palest shade in Light ($14.99).

At Target I spotted a 3-pack of limited edition Chapstick Cake Batter lip balms near the checkout for $2.97. I still have one tube from a year ago that I’m almost done with so I was happy to be able to restock. It’s not the most moisturizing or hydrating lip balm but it’s one of the best smelling ones I’ve ever had the pleasure of using.


I make at least one trip to the Dollar Tree every week in hopes of scoring some amazing deal but it seems like it’s been forever since I’ve spotted any name brand (e.g. Revlon, Milani, Maybelline, etc.) items there. Well, I didn’t find any makeup there this week but I did find this!

Stone Wave

It’s the As Seen On TV Stone Wave.

Infomercial gadgets and gizmos always intrigue me but I’ve never been tempted to pay the shipping and handling charges for them online or over the phone. Even when I sometimes spot them in a physical store I may be tempted but never enough to shell out the money for them. I’ve actually seen the Stone Wave before at Walmart for around $10 and I still felt that was too much.

Stone Wave

This week when I walked through the sliding front doors of the Dollar Tree the first thing I saw was a table stacked high with the Stone Wave for $1.

$10? No way! But $1? Yes, please! I bought four. Ha!

The Stone Wave is basically a microwave-only, stoneware, non-stick cooker. The minute I got it home I washed it, dried it and tested it out. I made an omelette with cheese, onion and bell peppers according to the instructions in the recipe booklet that comes with the Stone Wave because I figured the egg and cheese would be a good way to test the gadget’s non-stick abilities. Well, guess what, it really is non-stick! The egg came out pretty good albeit a little overcooked, so I’ll have to adjust the cooking time to work with my microwave but, all in all, color me impressed!

Stone Wave

I thought for a sleepover or girls’ night in that the Stone Wave would be great for making some yummy desserts in individual portions, so that’s why I bought one and then went back to the store and bought three more. According to the recipe suggestions pictured on the box, you can make French onion soup, chocolate souffle and apple crisp with the Stone Wave. I can’t wait to give some of the recipes a try. Wish me luck!