The Great Purge of 2014: Aftermath – Nails

Nail Polish Collection: 2015

Having made the decision last year to drastically reduce my makeup collection, I’m very proud to present my newly edited nail polish collection. It took a whole year but it’s finally done!

Being a makeup hoarder it was a difficult and slow going process but the key was small steps. I got rid of one nail polish first, then two, then three and eventually I was selling off 50 polishes at a time. At first I found it hard and almost stressful to part with my makeup but after awhile it became the complete opposite — a relief, like a huge weight off my shoulders — and exhilarating to get rid off all this stuff that I’d been hanging onto for no reason. I mean, blue and green nail polish are pretty to look at but realistically I only ever wear pinks, oranges and reds with the occasional shimmer/glitter top coat on my nails.

I think part of the reason I ended up with so many nail polishes was the thrill of the hunt. Many of the polishes I had were limited edition, discontinued or hard to find, and after having found them I felt an obligation to keep them. It probably sounds silly but it seemed ungrateful to give them up knowing that there were people who had driven from store to store hunting some of these same colors down. I’ve moved past that hangup though. From now on I’m only buying colors I know I’ll use no matter how cute or how coveted they are by others.

Here’s a look at some of the nail polishes I’ve gotten rid of from my collection over the past year. I’ve purged more nail polishes than the ones shown here but when I started the editing process I didn’t think to keep detailed photographic evidence for posterity. It would’ve been interesting if I had just to compare the Before with the After.

Nail Polish Purge

If I had to give an estimate I’d say I started with 300-400 nail polishes and now I’m down to 36 although 5 are the same top coat and I have a few backups of certain beloved colors, so it’s more like 29 unique shades/bottles which is great for a former nail polish hoarder, don’t you think?

NYC is without a doubt my favorite nail polish brand. I know others favor Essie, Zoya, Revlon, China Glaze, OPI, etc. and I’ve tried them all but there’s just something about NYC that works with my body chemistry. Those others all chip, shrink or don’t go on as easily on me whereas NYC rarely gives me any trouble. Plus I generally like the colors NYC releases and their nail polishes are relatively inexpensive. I’m actually thankful I didn’t fall in love with a more expensive brand.

I’ll eventually show off the other categories of makeup I’ve edited down — I’m nearly done with my eye shadow collection — but for now it’s still a work in progress. I’m in the home stretch though! I can see the finish line in sight!