Fragrance Haul


A mix of summer and winter fragrances.

I made one final trip to Bath & Body Works at the tail end of their semi-annual sale to see if their were any last minute deals to be had. As expected, the store had already been picked nearly clean but I managed to find one lone bottle of Vanilla Bean Noel lotion in a 75% off bin. Being a gourmand lover, I don’t know why it took me so long to discover Vanilla Bean Noel but I finally jumped on the bandwagon. For awhile I was into muskier and spicier scents but I’ve moved past that phase. Vanilla Bean Noel’s a very straightforward, uncomplicated, sweet vanilla and caramel fragrance, the kind I really appreciate these days.

I also spotted a bottle of Frosted Wonderland on clearance and I purchased that too but I’ll probably return it. When I tried it on in the store it smelled simple, like marshmallows, but when I brought it home it smelled totally different. Now I’m finding it spicy and floral which isn’t really my thing. I like how it smells when it finally settles down, like sweet vanilla with a hint of coconut, but it takes awhile to get there. I’m still on the fence.

I’ve heard mostly positive things about the 719 Walnut Avenue candle brand at Walmart on some of the fragrance boards I visit. The brand recently came out with some new spring/summer scents in their 3-wick candles and the one that really spoke to me was Peach Daiquiri. The description on the bottom of the candle says: “A delicious burst of sweet peaches and bright sunshine.” From the packaging to the graphics and font used, the new 719 Walnut Ave candles look remarkably similar to Bath & Body Works’ candles. I haven’t lit my Peach Daiquiri candle yet but cold it smells like peach gummies. If I had to compare it to something at BBW I’d say it smells more like Peach Bellini than Market Peach. Peach Daiquiri is on the sweeter side and more candy-like than a true ripe peach. I’m hoping that $4.97 for a 14-oz scented candle doesn’t turn out to be one of those too good to be true cases because, honestly, I’m over BBW’s candle racket. They keep on jacking up the prices every year but reducing the quality and burn time on their candles. It would be awesome to find a cheaper alternative.

And don’t turn your nose up at Walmart when it comes to home fragrance. They carry some kickass tarts. The Better Homes and Gardens and Scentsationals tarts are seriously awesome. They come in so many scents, are only $2 each and have great scent throw. Seriously, there are hidden gems to be found at Walmart. I’m crossing my fingers that the Peach Daiquiri candle is one of those gems.