BECCA Mineral Blush – Bolero

BECCA Mineral Blush – Bolero

I was lucky enough to locate and buy the last BECCA Bolero blush from a local store. I believe this particular shade was released a few years ago as part of a collection and has since been discontinued. If you can find one, I suggest you grab it. I’ve been really into BECCA’s Mineral Blushes lately and Bolero is my favorite one yet!

Clockwise from top left: Bolero, Wild Honey, Songbird, Sweet Pea

If Wild Honey’s considered a peachy nude and Sweet Pea a rosy plum nude according to the official descriptions, then I’d describe Bolero as a deeper rosy bronze nude.

In the pan Bolero doesn’t look that interesting and swatched on the finger it’s kind of ew with almost a greyish, dull, dusty hue but swatched and/or blended out on the skin it’s nothing short of amazing.

Out of all the BECCA blushes I’ve tried Bolero definitely has the best texture and finish. It’s a lot more matte than my other BECCA blushes and the powder feels a lot smoother and silkier as well. Bolero’s matte but not flat matte or chalky in appearance. There is an extremely subtle sheen but not enough that I’d categorize Bolero as satin. The finish is so amazingly skin-like, more so than any powder blush I’ve tried and the color so pretty that it’s perhaps my favorite blush of all time. It’s early days yet so I’m not quite ready to assign it holy grail status but I don’t think I’ve ever fallen so hard for a blush before.

Prior to buying Bolero I had been thinking about getting Benefit’s Dallas which is also described as a rosy bronze blush but for now BECCA’s scratched that itch (although being a makeup junkie that may flare up again later). I think I remember hearing somewhere that Benefit’s boxed blushes are scented and Dallas contains shimmer, so Bolero which has neither shimmer nor scent seems a much better fit for me.

If you find it, get it! Best purchase of 2015 so far.

Incidentally, I repurchased Wild Honey because so many YouTubers picked it as an 2014 favorite but it still didn’t wow me the second time around. I ended up selling it off again. I still prefer my Physicians Formula Airbrushing Light Bronzer.

ETA: Check this page for a better swatch of Bolero outdoors in natural light. It’s a lot more true to life than the pictures below.

Left to right: Bolero, Wild Honey, Songbird, Sweet Pea

Left to right: Bolero, Wild Honey, Songbird, Sweet Pea

BECCA Mineral Blush – Bolero