Wet n Wild Coloricon Kohl Eyeliners – Calling Your Buff & Taupe of the Mornin’

Wet n Wild Coloricon Kohl Eyeliner – Calling Your Buff

Last week I came across a display of new Wet n Wild 2015 products that included several new shades of the Coloricon pencils. I skipped over the more colorful shades and grabbed Calling Your Buff, a peachy flesh-toned shade, and Taupe of the Mornin’, a new taupe shade.

Wet n Wild Taupe (top & middle pencils), Wet n Wild Taupe of the Mornin’ (bottom)

I haven’t had any success so far in my search for a eye brightening nude pencil for my waterline. My eyes get very watery so nothing lasts on my waterline but I figured for 99 cents it wouldn’t hurt to give Calling Your Buff a try.

The consistency isn’t as creamy as the Rimmel Scandaleyes nude liner but it went on pretty easily once I wore the tip down. The pencil’s pretty sharp to begin with so unless you want to poke out your eye, I’d recommend making the point blunt before starting.

As I suspected it didn’t last on my waterline but if your eyes don’t get as teary as mine do this might be a great, cheap as dirt, nude pencil option.

Left to right: Wet n Wild Calling Your Buff, Taupe of the Mornin’, Taupe

I’m actually a longtime fan of Wet n Wild’s pencils especially since they introduced the Coloricon formula 3-4 years ago. In fact, their Taupe pencil is my holy grail eyebrow pencil. I’ve gone through several pencils and always have at least two backups at the ready should the need arise. The formula’s probably a little softer and creamier than most brow pencils but if you use feather light strokes the effect is really natural in appearance. For 99 cents it’s a great value because the pencil is crazy long. My favorite is the Taupe shade which has a nice ashy grey tone to it that looks natural with my black hair.

When I spotted Taupe of the Mornin’ I started freaking out a little because I have no idea whether this new taupe pencil is replacing my holy grail brow pencil. I hope not. One thing I noticed is that the current Coloricon Taupe pencil says it’s both an eyeliner and brow pencil but the new Taupe of the Mornin’ pencil only says it’s an eyeliner. That relieved me somewhat because it means they might still keep Taupe as a brow pencil. There’s always room for more than one taupe, right? But the last time Wet n Wild introduced a new taupe shade, they got rid of their old taupe. I know because I had both. The pre-Coloricon Taupe was a warmer, more golden taupe compared to the current Coloricon Taupe which is a cooler shade. For my particular needs, I prefer the latter.

With the new 2015 Coloricon taupe liner it looks like Wet n Wild might be going back to the old version. It’s definitely much more golden than the current Taupe pencil. Perhaps it’s time for me to stock up.