NYC Expert Last Lip Color – Sugar Plum

NYC Expert Last Lip Color – Sugar Plum

As part of my involvement in the Influenster program, I recently had the pleasure of trying a complimentary tube of NYC’s Expert Lip Color in Sugar Plum.

If you go back and look through my old blog posts from before I joined Influenster, you’d see that I’ve actually been a big fan and proponent of the Expert Last lipsticks for years. At $1.99 a pop, they’re inexpensive, pigmented, come in an array of finishes and colors, and in my opinion feel creamier on the lips than the much touted Revlon Super Lustrous lipsticks. That was before though. I owned so many of the Expert Lasts in the discontinued black packaging that I hadn’t yet gotten around to trying the new 2014 reformulated and repackaged lipsticks.

So, differences? Well, rather than the old square shaped black tubes, the new Expert Lasts come in round packaging. The texture, while still very creamy, seems to have a bit more slip than the old formula so it glides onto the lips more easily but doesn’t feel greasy. The biggest difference, however, is the reformulated lipstick is scented. The first time I sniffed Sugar Plum it smelled so familiar. I couldn’t put my finger on it right away but I finally realized it reminded me of the old Rimmel Lasting Finish lipsticks (from before Rimmel Birthday Suit was discontinued and they revamped the whole line), sort of a sweet floral fruity scent.

Sugar Plum, which I believe is a holdover shade from the old Expert Last line, is a frosty rosy pink. I usually stay far, far away from lipsticks that are shimmery or frosty because I have a lot of lip lines and shimmer/frost tends to emphasize them in a bad way but Sugar Plum is surprisingly wearable. I expected a super frosty, almost metallic finish but the frost is quite subtle even I can get away with wearing it.

Frosty finish aside, I really like the color of Sugar Plum and I still think the Expert Last lipsticks feel really good on the lips. I just wish NYC hadn’t messed with the formula by adding fragrance. It’s tough finding truly unscented lipsticks at the drugstore that don’t tug on the lips. Maybelline’s Color Sensationals have that odd Play-Doh fragrance and Revlon’s Super Lustrous have never felt creamy enough for my liking. The old Expert Lasts were fantastic and I think the new Expert Lasts could’ve been even better if only they’d kept them unscented. Despite that, they’re still a great drugstore lipstick option and I would consider trying out more shades in the future but probably only the ones with non-shimmery, creme finishes.

NYC Expert Last Lip Color – Sugar Plum

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NYC Expert Last Lip Color – Sugar Plum