bareMinerals The Magic Act

bareMinerals The Magic Act

I’m a huge, huge fan of bareMinerals’ READY eye shadow formula so when I heard they’d released a limited edition holiday palette called The Magic Act ($39) I knew I to get it. I purchased mine from Sephora during their VIB sale.

bareMinerals The Magic Act

The lightweight cardboard packaging features a black and white houndstooth pattern with the bareMinerals logo emblazoned across the front. On the inside, you’ll find all of the powder products as well as a mirror and numbered instructional diagrams (that correspond to the eye and cheek products) to create two different looks. The entire palette folds up easily making it a great option for on-the-go travel.

bareMinerals The Magic Act

The Magic Act includes:

  • bareMinerals READY Eye shadows in Celebrate (yellow cream), Fortune (pink champagne), Shazam (shimmering pink), A-ha (brown sugar), Pumped (brown with gold sparkle), Foreshadow (brown truffle) (1.3 g/0.04 oz. each)
  • bareMinerals READY Blush The Close Call (rosy brown), The Natural High (golden petal peach), The Indecent Proposal (dusty plum) (3 g/0.1 oz. each)
  • bareMinerals READY Luminizer The Premiere (blush champagne sheen) (2.8 g/0.09 oz.)

None of the shadows in this palette are true mattes. Celebrate, Fortune and Foreshadow have a satin-matte finish. Shazam and A-ha are frosty/metallic. Pumped contains golden sparkles.

The Premiere, the highlighter in the palette, has an unsurprisingly luminous finish. Quite pretty. The Close Call is a rosy brown matte blush. The Natural High is the ubiquitous peach pink with golden shimmer blush. The Indecent Proposal has a satin finish.

bareMinerals The Magic Act

bareMinerals The Magic Act

It’s hard finding eye shadows that work well on ultra dry skin so when I come across a formula that works I stick with it. Occasionally I run into one or two shades that perform under par but in general bareMinerals READY shadows rarely disappoint. Their pressed powder eye shadows are buttery soft and have great color payoff, especially the ones with shimmery and high shine finishes, and adhere brilliantly to dry skin even without an eyelid primer.

Considering that the average bareMinerals READY duo contains 0.09 oz of product for $20 and the quads contain 0.17 oz for $30, the eye shadows alone (0.04 oz x 6 = 0.24 oz) in The Magic Act make this set a great value. The only shades I recognize as repeats from their permanent collection are A-ha and Foreshadow from The Epiphany duo, so this was a great way for me to try some new colors.

bareMinerals The Magic Act

I was probably the most excited to try bareMinerals’ pressed READY cheek products. Prior to this I’d tried their luminizers in The Shining Moment and The Love Affair and I’d been very impressed with those. Much like the eye shadows, the luminizers were creamy smooth and soft, actually even softer and more loosely pressed than the READY eye shadows. However I wasn’t as impressed with the READY bronzer in The Skinny Dip that was much stiffer in the pan and way less pigmented. I was curious to see how the cheek products in The Magic Act would stack up against those.

Out of all four cheek products the one I liked the best was the The Premiere which has a formula that’s reminiscent of the full size READY luminizers I’d tried in the past. The powder’s nice and soft and very pigmented.

The other three products in the set however were a big disappointment and performed much like the underwhelming The Skinny Dip bronzer I’d tried previously. The blushes are stiffer in the pans than the luminizer and eye shadows in the same palette and didn’t swatch well at all. I had to layer them over and over for them to even show up on my hand. On the cheeks they were even worse and barely showed up no matter how much I tried to pile on. They definitely lack the buttery texture of the other products in the set and didn’t want to adhere to my dry skin. I’m guessing folks with oilier skin types would fare better since their natural oils would give the powders something to stick to.

bareMinerals The Magic Act (clockwise from top left): Celebrate, Fortune, Shazam, A-ha, Pumped, Foreshadow, The Indecent Proposal, The Natural High, The Close Call, The Premiere

As far as color selection, I really enjoyed Celebrate, Fortune, A-ha and Foreshadow. Celebrate’s a great highlight and inner corner brightening shade. Fortune which is kind of a warm peachy pink turned out to be a great all-over lid shade for evening out and color correcting the brownish hyperpigmentation on my lids. If you love metallics, A-ha is a must. It’s super pigmented and simply gorgeous. And Foreshadow is wonderful as a liner shade and for creating definition. I wasn’t too wild about Shazam which made me look like I had rabbit eyes/pink eye or the sparkly Pumped. No issues with the quality or pigmentation on those; that particular pink shade and the sparkles in Pumped just weren’t my cup of tea.

I ended up returning The Magic Act to Sephora. Liking 5 out of 10 products in the set wasn’t enough reason to keep it. Using the palette however gave me the opportunity to try A-ha and Foreshadow, both of which I loved, and I plan on buying The Epiphany duo in the near future, so at least that’s a plus in its favor. If they ever release Fortune in a single, duo or quad I’ll be all over that sucker in a heartbeat.