Red Apple Lipstick – Maven Mauve, Berry Blast, Vogue, Strawberry Lips, Mayberry

Red Apple Lipstick (l-r): Audrey, Maven Mauve, Berry Blast, Vogue, Mayberry, Strawberry Lips

A few months ago I received a complimentary Red Apple Lipstick in the shade Audrey to try and I was so impressed that I decided to shell out my own money and purchase two additional lipsticks in the shades Maven Mauve and Berry Blast.

Red Apple Lipstick

If you recall, I mentioned loving how moisturizing and creamy Audrey (Summer Passions Formula) is but was disappointed with the drier consistency of Naughty (X-Series Formula). As someone with dry skin and a lot of lip lines, I feel the glossier, more slippery Summer Passions Formula is far more flattering on me. The X-Series Formula is much less forgiving on any lip flaws.

As such, I decided that I definitely wanted to get another Summer Passions lipstick, a formula that I knew I already liked, as well as a lipstick in the Instant Color Formula which I hadn’t yet tried. I chose Berry Blast and Maven Mauve, one of Red Apple Lipstick’s top sellers. In addition, I bought two lipstick samples in the shades Mayberry (Instant Color Formula) and Strawberry Lips (Original Formula).

Full size Red Apple Lipsticks are $23.50 each and the samples, which are very generous in size, cost  $3.50 each. As always, these lipsticks are all-natural and free of gluten, petroleum, soy, parabens and animal ingredients.

Red Apple Lipstick (l-r): Audrey, Maven Mauve, Berry Blast, Vogue, Mayberry, Strawberry Lips

Red Apple Lipstick lipsticks are available in lots of colors and finishes ranging from pale nudes to dark, vampy shades but I’m not at all adventurous when it comes to lipstick colors so I stuck to safe, neutral colors since I knew I’d put those to good use.

Maven Mauve (Instant Color Formula) is quite similar to Audrey (Summer Passions Formula) in color — both are neutral pinks without shimmer — but Maven Mauve has a creme finish and is the tiniest bit cooler toned. It’s still very creamy in texture but not as glossy or slippery. It definitely has less of that lip balm-y feel. However, as a trade off, it’s a bit more opaque in color payoff.

In my opinion, the Instant Color Formula is very comparable to Bite Beauty’s Luminous Creme Lipstick in terms of consistency and pigmentation. If I had to choose between the two I would go with RAL’s Instant Color lipsticks because they don’t make my lips look as shriveled as Bite’s and they have less of a scent. Technically both are fragrance-free (at least free of added artificial fragrance) but I can smell more of the natural scent of the plant oils/butters/wax ingredients in Bite’s lipsticks compared to RAL’s.

Berry Blast (Summer Passions Formula) feels exactly like Audrey — slick with a creamy, lip balm texture — but less opaque. It’s a sheer but buildable light berry color with golden shimmer and a glossy finish. I was afraid that the shimmer would be too much but it’s quite understated and doesn’t feel gritty on the lips at all. Along with the French Skirt sample that I received in my last order, Berry Blast is one of the sheerest Red Apple Lipstick shades I’ve tried. It has a fruity berry scent like Audrey.

Mayberry (Instant Color Formula) is a dusty rose with an extremely subtle microshimmer that’s barely noticeable. For all intents and purposes it’s a creme finish lipstick. It’s fragrance-free and has a consistency that’s like Maven Mauve.

Strawberry Lips (Original Formula) is a sheer but buildable red lipstick with a hint of brown, no shimmer. The texture feels quite similar to the Summer Passions lipsticks in that it’s quite slick but it has less shine. The Original Formula lipsticks have a vanilla scent.

I wasn’t happy with the Naughty (X-Series Formula) lipstick that I received so I traded it in for Vogue (Summer Passions Formula). Red Apple Lipstick has a fantastic Return/Exchange policy. If you’re not satisfied with any of their lipsticks you can get a refund or exchange within 6 months, so I took advantage of that.

Vogue (Summer Passions Formula) is a berry pink with sparse blue-lavender microshimmer and a fruity scent. I can only see the microshimmer in direct sunlight and even then it’s extremely subtle to the point of being almost unnoticeable. At first glance Vogue looks kind of similar to Mayberry but Vogue is plummier, glossier and a little sheerer. Mayberry has a touch more brown, less shine and is more opaque. Compared to Audrey and Berry Blast it’s a little less glossy.

I have to say I’m quite happy with all of the colors I chose. Maven Mauve and Vogue are great everyday neutrals and Berry Blast was a pleasant surprise. I was prepared to hate it because of the sheerness and shimmer but I ended up really liking it for its versatility. I can wear it sheer as a glossy stain or layer it for a deeper berry color. Even the samples this time around turned out to be winners. Strawberry Lips and Mayberry are both really pretty and I’ll probably buy both in the full sizes the next time RAL has a big sale.

For anyone thinking about trying Red Apple Lipstick, I’d recommend starting off with one lipstick from the Summer Passions line (either Audrey or Vogue) and one from the Instant Color line (either Maven Mauve or Mayberry).

Red Apple Lipstick (l-r): Audrey, Berry Blast, Maven Mauve, Vogue, Mayberry, Strawberry Lips

Clockwise from top left: bare lips, Red Apple Lipstick Maven Mauve, Berry Blast, Mayberry, Strawberry Lips, Vogue

Bare lips

Red Apple Lipstick Maven Mauve

Red Apple Lipstick Berry Blast

Red Apple Lipstick Vogue

Red Apple Lipstick Strawberry Lips

Red Apple Lipstick Mayberry