Baby Shower Gift

LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag in Mirage Poof

So here’s the baby shower gift “basket” that I ended up putting together for my sister.

The original plan was just to give her a diaper bag. I chose the LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag (the Skip Hop Duo disappointed me) because it’s very lightweight, completely washable, durable, is very roomy with nice deep pockets and compartments, has a cross-body shoulder strap and stroller clips, and it’s extremely well made. The Ryan is available in lots of different colors and patterns but I went with the limited edition Mirage Poof quilted fabric which is a gorgeous navy blue that’s still neutral enough that it won’t clash with my sister’s wardrobe. The bag normally retails for $168 but Macy’s had it marked down 25% with an additional 20% sale promotion so it ended up being around $100.

The bag alone didn’t feel like a complete gift to me so I decided to throw in some baby-related odds and ends, and that’s how the diaper bag turned into a gift basket instead. Most of the goodies inside came from Target and Walmart. Both stores carry some surprisingly cute and useful baby items at affordable prices.

I’ll try to provide a link to everything I mention, if they’re still available online. Some of the items go in and out of stock regularly so if you see something you like it’s probably best to bookmark it and check back at a later time to see if it’s restocked.

Baby Shower Gift

The plan was to go gender neutral. My sister’s expecting a boy but I didn’t want to go with the traditional blue color scheme especially if she ends up having a girl down the line and wants to reuse some of the items. But you know what they say about the best laid plans. I honestly couldn’t find anything cute that wasn’t blue or pink, so I unintentionally ended up with a lot of blue baby boy items.

From Target I purchased:

Hudson Baby Muslin 2pk Baby Swaddle Blanket with Gift Ribbon – Blue Sheep ($13.99). Also available in pink. The blankets are a nice large size (46 x 46 inches) so not only can they be used as swaddle blankets but nursing covers and stroller blankets as well. The sheep are an adorable touch and very apropos since my sister is scheduled to give birth next year, the Year of the Sheep in the Chinese zodiac.

There was no real reason behind getting the Circo 4pk Flannel Receiving Blankets – Whales ‘n Waves ($7.99) aside from the fact that I’m partial to whales and the nautical theme. The material is very soft and based on what I’ve seen from mommy reviews on YouTube it seems one can never have too many receiving blankets, so I figured why not.

Baby Shower Gift

From Walgreens I purchased:

Motherlove Nipple Cream ($9.95) and Earth Mama Angel Baby Nipple Butter ($12.95). I purchased these in-store rather than online. I’ve linked to their respective websites if you want to read up on the products and their ingredients. Both come highly recommended on online mommy forums. They’re all-natural, cruelty-free, safe to ingest because they’re composed of plant butters/oils/waxes and don’t need to be wiped off prior to breastfeeding. I know Lansinoh’s nipple cream is the one most people buy but you know how I feel about lanolin in lip products (I hate the sheepy taste/smell) so I couldn’t subject my future nephew to it. Besides I’ve read complaints from some moms that the Lansinoh hurts on cracked nipples. Ouch! I thought the Motherlove and EMAB versions would be gentler options. Opinions seem divided over which of the two choices is best so I decided to get both and let my sister decide.

Going back to Target I also got:

Just One You Made by Carter’s Newborn Boys’ 2 Piece Terry Dog Set – Blue ($9.99). Just One You is the Target-exclusive baby line by Carter’s. Honestly, the quality isn’t as nice compared to the stuff you’d find at Carter’s but it’s okay. I doubt I’ll get any more clothing from the Just One You line but my sister and I are both dog lovers, so I couldn’t resist the outfit. Personally, the sweatshirt/pants material aren’t as soft or as thick as I would like. The sweats come in different sizes ranging from newborn to 9 months. There’s no telling how big the baby will be or how quickly he’ll grow so I went with the largest size to be on the safe size.

The Circo Newborn Lamb Wrap Towel – White ($12.99) was a lucky find. W00t! Another sheep-related item. It’s a huge (40 x 24 inches) hooded towel that’s really soft and cute.

Baby Shower Gift

I happened to catch the Peter Rabbit Infant Hat White Newborn ($4.24) and matching Peter Rabbit Infant Booties White Newborn ($6.78) when they were on clearance online. Unfortunately both items sold out and are no longer available.

After watching tons of mommy videos I know it’s not a wise idea to buy newborn hats and shoes since babies outgrow them so easily and shoes on infants are kind of pointless. My only excuse is that they were irresistible. I mean, take a look at those booties! Bunnies! At least they’ll look cute in newborn/hospital photos.

Baby Shower Gift

I purchased one item from Babies R Us: the Tommee Tippee Closer to Nature Travel Bottle & Food Warmer Set ($19.99). It was marked down half price to $10, too good a deal to pass up. (Also available at Target.) It’s a thermos that’s supposed to stay hot for 8+ hours. Several moms online seem to find it really handy for warming bottles and food on the go. You can search YouTube for reviews and demos. I know that beauty YouTuber saaamage has recommended it before on either her main channel or mommy channel and I think that’s where I first heard about it.

My sister intends to breastfeed so I decided to get the Playtex Nursers from Walmart. I can’t recall how much they were exactly but I’m positive they were in the $5-$7 range. They come highly recommended by moms for those early days when you’re so tired and can’t be bothered with sanitizing a million bottles. Simply drop a plastic liner into the bottle and toss out after feeding. Each box comes with two bottles and 5 bottle liners.

Baby Shower Gift

The Playtex Nursers have actually undergone a design change in recent years. The newer bottles have a hinge and bend into a shape like the Playtex Ventaire bottles but I kept reading complaints about how the hinge area is hard to clean and dry, leading to bacteria and mold. I had originally purchased a box of the new Nursers from Target but then by total chance one day I decided to wander into a Walmart store a little out my usual route and they had two boxes left of the old, discontinued model sitting on the shelf. I ended up returning the new Nursers to Target and keeping the ones from Walmart. I snapped a few pictures of the two different Nursers so you can see the differences.

Playtex Nurser (new version, left), Playtex Nurser (old version, right)

I also bought a box of Tommee Tippee Closer To Nature 5 oz Bottle (3pk) – Clear ($16.79). I don’t recall paying that much for the set. I’m pretty sure they were on sale for $12 at the time. There are a lot of bottles to choose from but Tommee Tippe bottles seem to be well loved and reasonably priced so that’s why I went with them.

Baby Shower Gift

Last but not least I bought a couple of diapering items.

I picked up an Arm & Hammer by Munchkin Diaper Bag Dispenser & Bags ($3.79) on a Target run one day. The bags are lightly scented but otherwise they’re doggy poop bags for babies. I figured it would be a good thing to get.

From Walmart I bought the J.L. Childress – Diapering Station To-Go, Black ($11.99). I’ve seen the same item available at different places but Walmart had it the cheapest with free site to store delivery.

I love the LeSportsac Ryan Baby Bag which comes with its own changing pad but it’s quite small (23 x 14 inches.) The changing pad that comes with the Skip Hop Duo is even smaller (23 x 12 inches). I knew I wanted a changing pad that would be able to grow with the baby. That’s where the J.L. Childress Diapering Station comes in. It’s a whopping 36 x 18 inches (the changing pad with the attached pocketed diaper station measures 48 x 18 inches total), much larger than most changing pads on the market, so it should be good from infancy through the first couple of years at least. It comes with pockets to hold diapering essentials like wipes and diapers, but the changing pad can be detached via velcro for convenience if you just want to carry that in your bag. I’ve included a short demo video below.