Trader Joe’s Haul

I keep hearing about how delicious Trader Joe’s Kouign Amann, a type of pastry, are so I made a special trip to hunt them down. Unfortunately my local TJ’s didn’t have any in stock but I picked up a few other interesting things while I was there.

On my last TJ outing I got a jar of their Organic Raw Honey (in the green jar) for $4.99, not for eating but as skincare. Raw organic honey’s antibacterial, a humectant, and is supposed to have lots of good for you vitamins and nutrients that are beneficial to the skin. They only had the green jar in stock last time but this time around I spotted another type in a squat jar (left) for $5.99.

I think if you’re going to get one for skincare definitely go for the jar on the left. It has a much thicker consistency that clings to the skin better. I used the honey on the right a few times and it’s too liquid for a facial (picture the consistency of honey that comes in those little squeezy bear-shaped containers or maple syrup) and has a tendency of dripping and running down my face if I overapply. It’s better for eating. The type of raw honey on the left is easier to apply and less messy because it’s thicker and it stays where I put it on my face.

Besides the honey, I also purchased a jar of Cranberry Apple Butter ($2.99) and a jar of Pumpkin Butter ($2.29), not to be confused with the awesome Pumpkin Body Butter ($4.99) that I blogged about previously. This type’s edible.

The items that made the entire trip worth it, however, are the Chocolate Croissants ($4.49). Four frozen croissants come in a box. They’re pre-formed but unbaked.

The night before you want to eat them, you have to place them on a baking sheet and leave them to rise for at least 9 hours.

When you wake up the next morning, they’ll have grown considerably.

Beat up an egg and brush some over the top to give the croissants a shiny, browned finish when they bake and voila! Hot, flaky and crusty on the outside, tender and light on the inside, yumminess.

I’ve got to say they’re pretty awesome. The chocolate has just the right amount of sweetness/bitterness so the croissants aren’t too sweet. The dough itself isn’t overly buttery so, while it’s rich, you don’t end up with greasy fingers and lips. Really, really tasty.