Random Food Purchases

Graze Subscription Box

Just wanted to share some random snack food/junk food purchases I’ve made in the past couple of months.

Anyone remember Graze? For awhile this healthy food subscription service made the rounds on several YouTube channels. I first heard about it from LePooke and used her discount code to get a box for myself. They offer a variety of snacks ranging from dried fruits and nuts to crackers and chewy granola bars. I liked how you could tell them which snacks you wanted to receive and which you didn’t (I have a preference for savory snacks) and I stuck with the subscription for about three months.

Some snacks weren’t worth it in my opinion, like pistachios or dried fruit mixes which I can basically get anywhere, but some were unique and quite tasty. I really like their flapjacks (soft and chewy oat-based granola bars) which are just sweet enough, not cavity inducing like the Quaker granola bars at the supermarket. However, at $5 a pop, I couldn’t justify paying that much for a small box of snacks. Since my initial blog post they’ve actually increased the price to $6 but recently they sent me one of those “please come back” emails and tempted me with a reduced price of $3. I was curious about trying some of their new snack varieties and I couldn’t resist the deal so I signed back up.

This time I was sent:

    1. Fruit & Seed Flapjack (rustic rolled oat flapjack with mixed seeds and dried fruits) – Loved!
    2. Chocolate Pecan Pie (chocolate fudge, chopped dates and pecan nuts) – Way too many dates which I’m not too fond of and I wasn’t crazy about their fudge. Not too impressed.
    3. My Thai (sweet chili sauce with baked soy bites) – Again, not impressed. The sauce was so sweet and the soy bites are pretty much like regular Asian rice crackers. I like the soy bites but I can get a huge bag of rice crackers at the Asian supermarket for $3. You can also get the exact same type of sauce in a huge bottle in the Thai aisle at the Asian supermarket for $2-$3. I know because I have a bottle in my pantry I like to use as a condiment when I make steamed chicken.
    4. Mississippi BBQ Pistachios (roasted pistachios with BBQ seasoning) – I love pistachios but these weren’t that special. They’re salted pistachios with smoky flavor.

This probably won’t come as a shock but I re-canceled my subscription shortly afterward.

One good thing about Graze is that anyone that opens an account, even if you stop your subscription afterward, is given a discount code that they can share with others because Graze relies a lot on word of mouth to get their brand out there. If anyone’s interested in checking Graze out my promo code is CAROLL41P and you can use that to get your first box FREE. If you decide you don’t care for the subscription, you can cancel via their website at anytime. I’ve canceled twice already and it was easy and hassle-free. They contacted me with the special offer over a year after I canceled the first time so I can say that they don’t bombard people with emails.


Nongshim Noodles

As far as I’m concerned Nongshim’s Shin Ramyun is the king of all instant ramen. It’s savory, spicy and an amazing value. Compared to most instant ramen that you see at most Western/American grocery stores (Cup Noodles, Maruchan, Nissin) I’d say you get at least twice the amount of noodles for under $1, so these are an amazing buy and super filling. Unlike other cheaper brands, these noodles aren’t thin and limp but have a nice spring to them. They aren’t udon noodles but if you like thicker, chewier types of noodles, I’m pretty sure you’ll dig any of the noodles Nongshim has to offer. Their Shin Ramyun is the classic, iconic noodle of the brand and the one most people start with and are familiar with. However, I’d say that out of all of their noodles I’ve tried my favorites are their Neoguri Spicy Seafood Noodle and their Shin Ramyun Black Label noodle which are a little more savory and have more depth of flavor.

If you’ve tried their basic Shin Ramyun and like it I’m positive you’ll like all of their noodles because they all taste the same. Like seriously. Over the past few weeks I’ve made it my mission to try as many of Nongshim’s noodle varieties as possible. One noodle soup may be spicier, redder or lighter in color but the base flavors are for the most part identical. Place a bowl of any flavor of these noodles in front of a blindfolded person and I’m 100% certain they’ll be able to tell you it’s a Nongshim noodle. Don’t get me wrong, Nongshim noodles are tasty and if I’m ever in the mood for a quick bowl of noodles they’re the brand I reach for but the flavors are redundant. The only exception is Chapagetti which is a soupless noodle and in my opinion tastes better mixed with Neoguri as Chapaguri than on its own.

I snapped pictures of all the Nongshim noodles I could find and buy at the grocery store. I actually had pics of even more noodles but they’re still stuck on my laptop that died a couple of months back.

So far I’ve tried: Shin Ramyun Black, Shin Ramyun, Ansungtangmyun, Neoguri, Neoguri Mild, Chapagetti, Kimchi Ramyun, Seafood Ramyun, Champong Noodle (this one was the spiciest of all the ones I’ve tried), Mupama Tangmyun, and Soon Veggie Noodle.

On my To Do list are their: Soba, Doong Ji Cold Noodles, Potato Noodle, Japanese Style Noodle, and Kal Guk Soo. Unfortunately, my store doesn’t carry these Nongshim flavors yet but I have faith that they will soon.

Nongshim noodles