Hard Candy So Baked Contour Trio – 3x A Charm

Hard Candy So Baked Contour Trio – 3x A Charm

I went back to Walmart like I said I would to buy the one Hard Candy So Baked Contour Trio that I was missing. The other three shades in the collection really impressed me so I had to get 3x A Charm and, no surprise, I love it!

Hard Candy So Baked Contour Trio – 3x A Lady, 3x A Charm, 3rd Wheel

I ended up selling off 3 Strikes shortly after my initial review but not because I had issues with the quality. Yeah, the bronzer in that compact went on a little patchy compared to the smoothness of the other trios but it was workable. As you know, I’ve been culling my makeup collection these past few months and one of the things I’ve come to realize is that I don’t look good in cool, blue-based blushes and the blush in 3 Strikes was simply too purple-pink to be flattering for my skin tone. I couldn’t justify hanging onto it to myself, so into the purge pile it went.

3x A Lady, 3x Strikes, and 3rd Wheel seem to get mentioned a lot in reviews but I don’t often see people talk about 3x A Charm. I guess I can see why. At first glance it isn’t as exciting or visually appealing. There doesn’t appear to be as much variety in 3x A Charm which is made up of predominantly golden/bronzey shades but don’t let that fool you. 3x A Charm is a surprisingly great little palette.

If you love colors like Cargo Topkea, NARS Madly or NARS Luster then you should check out this little drugstore gem. The blush in this particular trio reads more terracotta/orange-red compared to the aforementioned blushes but it still falls in that category of not quite a bronzer, not fully a blush but a beautiful mix of both.

Unlike the other trios that have at least one satin matte shade (the bronzers), all three shades in the 3x A Charm compact contain at least some shimmer or frost but nothing glittery. For all intents and purposes, 3x A Charm contains one blush and two highlighters. The bronzer, if you can call it that, in this trio is actually a much lighter color than the blush and reminds me of a muted version of Hard Candy’s Tiki which is a popular highlighter for many people. If Tiki was too bright and yellow-gold for you as it was for me, the “bronzer” in this compact is a little deeper in color but more subdued with a subtle shimmery finish (practically satin on my skin) that might be more to your liking. The third shade in the compact is a highlighter but a lighter, brighter, and whiter frosty highlight compared to the “bronzer.”

All in all, 3x A Charm is a gorgeous compact and has jumped ahead of 3x A Lady as my second favorite trio, the first being 3rd Wheel (love that pink blush!). I’m trying to get into bronzers more but I think I’ll always be a highlighter fiend at heart, so the choice of two highlighters in one compact really floats my boat. Plus the blush is lovely. For me it’s a winner all around.

Hard Candy So Baked Contour Trio – 3x A Lady, 3x A Charm, 3rd Wheel

Hard Candy So Baked Contour Trio – 3x A Lady, 3x A Charm, 3rd Wheel