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Real Techniques Brushes: Detailer, Pointed Foundation, Essential Foundation, Stippling, Domed Shadow, Setting, Contour, Expert Face, Buffing, Multitask

I was deleting old photos off my flash drive and came across this set featuring some of the Real Techniques brushes. I suppose at one point I was going to do a haul or review blog post about the brushes but then either changed my mind or forgot about them.

Nevertheless, even though I no longer own most of these brushes anymore I thought the photos might be of interest to others. All lined up it’s easy to see how the various brushes compare in sizes and shapes.

I’ve sold off most of the brushes since taking the photos. The quality of the brushes are quite lovely — very soft and dense — but my makeup routine is very simple and I found myself reaching for one or two brushes and neglecting the rest. Personally, there wasn’t a reason for me to keep them when all I really use on a daily basis are blush brushes.

Many of the brushes I bought can only be purchased as part of a set and aren’t sold individually. If I remember correctly, I bought the Real Techniques Core Collection (Detailer, Pointed Foundation, Buffing, Contour), Travel Essentials (Domed Eyeshadow, Multitask, Essential Foundation), Expert Face Brush, Stippling Brush, and Setting Brush.

elf Studio Blush Brush, Real Techniques Brushes (Setting, Contour, Expert Face, Buffing, Multitask)

For reference, here’s the e.l.f. Studio Blush Brush alongside a few of the Real Techniques brushes.

elf Studio Small Smudge Brush, Real Techniques Detailer Brush

And here’s e.l.f.’s Studio Small Smudge Brush next to the Real Techniques Detailer Brush. I much prefer the smaller size of the e.l.f. brush for spot concealing and detail work.

Real Techniques Brushes

Finally, here’s a look at the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush next to the Sigma P80 brush. I L-O-V-E the Sigma P80 and use it to stipple on concealer and even foundation. It’s basically the baby version of the Sigma F80 flat top brush but offers more precision. I only wear foundation/concealer on my cheeks mostly and it gives a flawless finish without sacrificing coverage.


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