Influenster J’Adore Voxbox: Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas

Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas: Lemon Chiffon & Creme Caramel

Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas.

The other food-related items I received compliments of my Influenster J’Adore VoxBox were some flavored teas by the brand Red Rose, specifically 3 tea bags of the Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas in Creme Caramel and 1 tea bag in the decaffeinated Lemon Chiffon flavor.

I don’t usually care for caramel flavored drinks so early on I thought that Lemon Chiffon would be my favorite of the two but after testing it actually turned out to be the other way around.

Red Rose Simply Indulgent Teas: Lemon Chiffon & Creme Caramel

The Simply Indulgent Teas come in your standard tea bag form. On cold sniff they smell like your typical black tea with just a hint of vanilla/caramel (Creme Caramel) and vanilla/lemon (Lemon Chiffon).

First up was Creme Caramel. As I steeped the tea in boiling water the caramel aroma became more prominent. At this point I started to worry that the caramel flavor would be too overpowering but upon drinking it wasn’t as prominent. The black tea was the primary flavor with a subtle scent and taste of caramel in the background. I like it! I used my favorite Garfield mug from McDonald’s that I’ve had ever since the late 80s and left a little room in the cup for milk. I always drink my tea with 2 teaspoons of sugar and a dash of milk.

Red Rose Simply Indulgent Tea

Last but not least was the Lemon Chiffon. On cold sniff I knew I wouldn’t like it as much as the Creme Caramel. The lemon scent smelled a bit artificial to me, like lemon vanilla body lotion, and upon steeping it became even more intense. It tasted much better though. Like the Creme Caramel tea, the lemon chiffon flavor takes a backseat to the black tea. Overall, the flavor reminded me of those lemon creme cookies (sweet, artificially flavored lemon creme filling sandwiched between two vanilla cookies). It’s okay but I don’t think I would repurchase this particular Simply Indulgent variety.

A carton of 20 Red Rose Simply Indulgent tea bags retails for $4.49 which isn’t a bad price at all considering one Starbucks flavored coffee drink costs about the same. It’s a nice, inexpensive way to treat yourself.

The Simply Indulgent teas are also available in a few other flavors besides Creme Caramel and Lemon Chiffon. I’m interested in trying the Cinnamon Streusel, Peach Cobbler, Vanilla Biscotti, and Cinnamon Bun flavors next.