What I’m Eating: Grilled Cheese & Tortilla Soup

Grilled Cheese & Tortilla Soup

I made a grilled cheese sandwich for dinner using a combination of Swiss and Cheddar on two slices of onion rye bread. Rather than the classic tomato soup that often accompanies grilled cheese I decided to try something a little different: tortilla soup. I took inspiration from Martha Stewart’s recipe but made a few changes. I only used one can of beans, used an entire 32 oz carton of vegetable broth, added a can of Ro-Tel Hot for extra flavor and heat (purchased at Target for $0.40), upped the garlic and chili powder to balance the flavor since I more than doubled the amount of broth, and garnished with fresh cilantro before serving.

It was extremely easy and quick to prepare. If you can open cans and dump them into a pot, you’re good to go! The soup’s ready once it boils but I like to simmer the soup for at least 30 minutes to make sure the beans really absorb the flavors.