Pixi Perfection Palette – Lit Up Lovely

Pixi Perfection Palette – Lit Up Lovely

During the holidays I went completely crazy and bought so many palette. I still have a bunch I need to swatch and review for my blog. I went out of control, I tell ya!

I fell hard for the Pixi Perfection Palette’s romantic, shimmery neutrals, pinks and plums the minute I laid eyes on it. I didn’t it buy it right away — that goes to show you I had a tiny bit of self-control — but it was always lingering at the back of my mind and months later I finally succumbed.

Pixi Perfection Palette – Lit Up Lovely

The Pixi Perfection Palette in Lit Up Lovely retails for $28 and includes 16 eye shadows, three blushes, a highlighter and a bronzer. I purchased mine at Target.

The textures of all the products are very good though not nearly as creamy as LORAC or bareMinerals READY shadows. They aren’t powdery or chalky at all.

Pixi Perfection Palette – Lit Up Lovely

Every single color swatched wonderfully on the skin. The powders have great color payoff in just one swipe on bare skin. Even the cheek products that I thought would be sheer were nicely pigmented.

This is a palette that I seriously considered keeping but then I thought, wait a minute, the eye shadows bear a strong resemblance to my POP Beauty Lid Bronzer and Kat Von D Saint palettes that I’ve already reviewed and also the LORAC Unzipped palette that I own but have yet to swatch and review.

Pixi Perfection Palette – Lit Up Lovely – eye shadow swatches

Pixi Perfection Palette – Lit Up Lovely – blush/highlighter/bronzer swatches

These days I’m trying to be more ruthless when it comes to editing my stash and keeping it small and manageable so I had to ask myself if the Pixi palette was essential to my collection. Although I think it’s exceptionally pretty the answer was a no, so I’ve got to let it go 😦

The Perfection Palette would be ideal for someone who doesn’t already own a lot of makeup but wants to expand their collection to include more neutrals, have an all-in-one face and eye palette to save space, or utilize the pinks and plums to create romantic looks. For instance, I could see this palette working beautifully for a bridal look.

Pixi Perfection Palette – Lit Up Lovely, LORAC Unzipped