Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul

Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale Haul

The semi-annual sale at Bath & Body Works ended on Monday. Since the staff were constantly adding more items to the sale, I visited the store every few days in hopes that I’d find something special but the sale turned out to be quite uneventful. I didn’t buy as much compared to previous years.

I had anticipated purchasing a lot of candles but at my store I could only find floral, fruity and spicy holiday scents. I’m more of a gourmand kind of gal and there wasn’t anything that really interested me.

The majority of my haul is made up of body creams. There were plenty of lotions available but I have dry skin and find the body creams more moisturizing. I saw a lot of Warm Vanilla Sugar but that fragrance smells like burnt plastic on my skin. There were also a bunch of Forever Red and Forever Red Vanilla Rum but both are a little too intense for my liking. I came away with Country Chic for myself and Paris Amour for my mother.

On the day of my purchase Bath & Body Works ran a $3 sale on their Signature Collection body creams. I bought 10 body creams for $30 and used a $10 off $30 survey coupon to bring my total down to $20. Not too shabby.

Then on another day I purchased two body washes in the scents Coconut Lime Breeze and Country Chic. They were originally $11 apiece marked down 75% to $2.75 each.

Here’s hoping the summer semi-annual sale is more exciting.


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  1. I love Paris Amour, probably one of my favorite scents from them, other than Black Amethyst! Looks like you made out quite well, but alas I can definitely sympathize on enjoying foody-scents, I like those type of candles too…

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