Walgreens $5.99 Fleece Lined Leggings

Walgreens Fleece Lined Leggings

I used to wear leggings nearly everyday to school in the early 90s when they were popular but as everyone knows trends are cyclical and they’re back in. As much as I wanted to avoid them I couldn’t so I’ve been looking all over for a nice but inexpensive pair of black leggings. I thought of hitting Target or Walmart first and if the quality wasn’t up to par there then I would branch out to GAP, Express, etc. However, I didn’t even have to bother searching because the leggings found me.

I was making a routine Walgreens drive-by to see if they’d put up any new limited edition holiday makeup displays in the store. Nope, nada. But as I was crossing over from the cosmetics to the haircare section I noticed a new setup on the end cap of the hosiery aisle. The display extended from the floor all the way up to eye level and was filled with black leggings hanging on hooks. [When I came back at a later date they also had the leggings available in brown, olive and purple.]

Normally, I would’ve walked on by. Walgreens isn’t a store that usually comes to mind when I think of clothes but then I remembered talk show host Wendy Williams raving about the leggings she gets at Walgreens. Now if you’ve ever watched her show you know she’s a big gal. She’s 5’11” in flats and not stick thin so just based on that I knew that the leggings must have a decent amount of stretch and length. I’m not nearly as tall as she is — only 5’8″ — but even so I’ve run into trouble with pants/jeans/leggings running too short, so I was understandably intrigued.

I gave the leggings a feel and was impressed by the quality, so much so I proceeded to the checkout line with a pair along with some other random items. But even as the cashier was scanning my items I was still on the fence. Would buying clothes, especially leggings labeled “One Size Fits Most,” from Walgreens be a colossal mistake? I was just about to tell the cashier to forget about the leggings but then she looked up and told me she’d bought a pair for her daughter who’s in high school and how they’re great leggings and extremely warm. That sealed the deal for me. I paid for them, brought them home and tried them out and couldn’t be happier.

The leggings feel super soft and stretchy, have a nice thickness to them, and they’re lined on the inside with fleece so they’re very warm. They aren’t those cheap, thin leggings that’ll stretch across the thighs so much that they become see-through. The thing I liked most about these leggings is there are no seams running vertically down the front of the leggings to the crotch or down the butt on the back of the leggings, so no awkward feeling seams cutting into the skin causing wedgies 😛

I ended up liking the Walgreens leggings so much I went back a few days later to buy another pair. No reason to feel guilty because they’re only $5.99. I’m not sure if that’s the normal price or a temporary sale price. One sign on the display listed the price as $9.99 but there was a green Smart Buy sticker right next to it that listed the price as $5.99. I did some price comparisons afterward and even at $9.99 these leggings would still be a great price.

Next time you’re at Walgreens give the leggings a feel. You might be pleasantly surprised.

ETA: Walgreens also carries the West Loop brand and Gold Medal brand of fleece-lined leggings in regular and larger sizes (L/XL) in various colors. I haven’t felt or tried the Gold Medal leggings so I can’t tell you if the quality is as nice but it might be a good option if you can’t locate the ones I showed. I have however felt the West Loop leggings and they’re a little thinner than the DNLA leggings I purchased.

Walgreens Fleece Lined Leggings

Walgreens Fleece Lined Leggings

7 thoughts on “Walgreens $5.99 Fleece Lined Leggings

  1. I’m 5’8″ also. Did you find these to be long enough for you? The Walgreens here in WA doesn’t seem to carry these, but my friend in CA says SHE can get them and send them up to me. I just wanted to be sure they’re long enough first. Thanks!

    • The leggings have a good amount of stretch to them so I didn’t have any problems with the length. Like I said, I got one because a much taller 5’11” celebrity recommended them 😀

      If you’re still worried, I recall that there was a special “L/XL” size of fleece-lined leggings at the bottom of the same display. The size I bought was “One Size Fits Most” (the display had most of the leggings in this size and only 3 or 4 in the L/XL size).

      • I’m 5’4 and 175 I’m a wide build these leggings have an exceptional amount of stretch! I bought mine in beginning of December a have worn them every week since then. They have been washed and dried numerous times and have yet to fade or thin away. The stretch is still the same. I absolutely love these leggings and am trying to find them online somewhere. They’re awesome! (Coming from a chubby Latina who can never find comfortable fitting leggings)

  2. Please you owe yourself a trip to Walgreens just to purchase these unbelievable fleece leggings. They are so warm and comfortable. You won’t regret it.

  3. These leggings do feel great but they have such a strong chemical odor to them? I wish the smell wasn’t so powerful. I feel nauseas wearing them.

    • That’s very strange. I’ve purchased several pairs and none of mine have any sort of smell. Maybe someone spilled something on them. I would suggest returning the leggings if you still have the receipt and buying them at a different Walgreens.

  4. I bought two pair at my local Walgreens. One pair is ribbed (black) and the other pair are black, sleek and lined. I have not worn the lined pair. However, the other pair is wonderful and a great value for the price. Love them.

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