Coastal Scents Forever Blush – Fresh & Delicate

Coastal Scent Forever Blush – Fresh & Delicate.

I snagged some of Coastal Scents’ new Forever Blush during their annual 50% sale. I really haven’t heard much talk about these so, not knowing what to expect, I only purchased two: Fresh and Delicate.

Firstly, these blushes are huge! Each compact contains 10 g (0.35 oz) of product. To give you some perspective, a MAC blush is 6 g (0.21 oz), a Tarte Amazonian Clay blush is 5.6 g (0.2 oz), and a Jordana blush is 2.2 g (0.08 oz).

The Forever Blushes are available in matte, shimmer and satin finishes in 18 shades. I wanted to stick to the lighter, warmer end of the spectrum.

I would describe Fresh as a warm, peachy, deeper nude shade with a matte finish. Delicate is a peachy pink with a golden shimmery sheen. Both blushes are a little darker than what I expected based on Coastal Scents’ online swatches so I’m still not sure if I’m going to keep them. They’re beautiful colors, just not the most flattering shades for me. I prefer much lighter, brighter peaches and pinks than these.

The textures of both are soft and smooth, not flaky or chalky at all.

The Forever Blushes aren’t the most pigmented blushes I’ve ever encountered — those would be theBalm’s Instain blushes for me — but they still have incredible color payoff. All I need to do is barely touch my brush to the surface of the powder and that’s more than enough color for one cheek application.

Overall, I think the price for the amount of product and pigmentation is amazing. The only downside is even with the swatches Coastal Scents provides, choosing a color is still a shot in the dark. The swatches are close but not an accurate representation of the blush shades in real life. If you can find a color you like, though, it’s an awesome deal even at full price.

Coastal Scent Forever Blush – Fresh & Delicate

Coastal Scent Forever Blush – Fresh & Delicate

Coastal Scent Forever Blush – Fresh & Delicate

Coastal Scent Forever Blush – Fresh & Delicate