e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow – Naked & Sunset

e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow – Naked

When I purchased the two Studio Baked Blushes that I reviewed earlier from e.l.f., I also picked up two of the new Studio Prism Eyeshadow palettes in the colors Naked and Sunset ($10 each).

I had heard some positive buzz about the Prism palettes which is what prompted me get them and I have to say that compared to their old Studio eyeshadow singles these are a major improvement. The texture’s much softer and smoother and the pigmentation’s far more intense. Every single eyeshadow swatched beautifully on bare skin but all of the shades have a highly shimmery/metallic finish so matte-lovers are out of luck.

Sunset is the brighter of the two palettes I own with its pink, purple and amber gold. I got it mainly out of curiosity because you all know how I generally shy away from colorful eyeshadows.

Naked is the neutral palette and the one I foresaw myself using the most but after swatching it I realized that the color selection looks a lot of the Kat Von D Saint palette except a little more shimmery/metallic. While the pigmentation and texture are impressive for a drugstore palette, I have to admit I prefer my KVD Saint palette. When I pat the KVD Saint shadows onto my eyelids they seem to adhere to the skin almost effortlessly. The e.l.f. shadows go on perfectly fine, just not as nicely as KVD Saint, and really benefit from the use of an eyeshadow primer or sticky base underneath. I also like how the Saint palette includes a few matte(ish) shades to balance out the shimmery shades.

The Studio Prism Eyeshadow palettes are probably some of the best makeup products I’ve tried from e.l.f. so far and I definitely think they’re worth checking out. If I didn’t already own the Kat Von D Saint palette I think I’d be perfectly content with just the e.l.f. Naked palette. The colors are similar enough and with the aid of a primer the shadows perform just as well. I think it’s a good buy considering it costs less than a third of the price of the KVD Saint palette.

e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow – Sunset

e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow

e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow – Naked

e.l.f. Studio Prism Eyeshadow – Naked

Kat Von D Saint (top), e.l.f. Naked (bottom)