Time to Edit My Stash…Again!

Current Eyeshadow Stash

This is my new rule: I can’t buy anything without getting rid of something. It’s a lame attempt to keep my makeup stash to a small, manageable size. I say lame because lately more’s coming in than going out but at least I’m purging some of it a bit at a time.

As you can probably tell I like my palettes or rather I love the idea of palettes. Palettes are great. I never have to think about which shades look good together. Someone else has already done the work of figuring out which color combos work beforehand and put them all in one palette for me. The result is I end up buying a bunch of palettes because (in my mind) they’re convenient, easy and a better value than buying a ton of single eyeshadows. Unfortunately, now I have way too many palettes in my possession, way more than I need for everyday use, so it’s time to get rid of some of them.

The first thing I did was pull out all of my eyeshadows and lay them out so I could take a good look at what I had. Even at a glance it’s easy to see the types of colors I gravitate towards: warm neutrals. And it’s easy to spot which palette sticks out like a sore thumb with its brights: the new Balm Voyage palette by theBalm.

In hindsight I’m not quite sure why I bought the Balm Voyage palette. The quality’s really good but most of the colors just aren’t me. If I’m truthful with myself, I’m boring when it comes to colors. Regardless of how pretty they are, I know I’m never going to use those teal and aqua shades. I suppose I got caught up in the “limited edition” frenzy when I should’ve really sat down and thought first. Conclusion: Balm Voyage has got to go. Someone who isn’t as vanilla as I am would put it to better use.

Current Eyeshadow Stash

These are my four newest palettes from my most recent Sephora haul. Again, I should’ve really thought about the purchase (and waited for the VIB sale!) before pulling the trigger.

I’m looking at these four palettes and while I’m sure I’ll use the Anastasia and Kat Von D palettes — the colors are so me — I’m still not sure about the LORAC Unzipped and new Laura Mercier palette. This year’s Artist’s Palette for Eyes is less blue, more rosy-pink compared to last year’s but I’m still not sure about all of those purples for someone like me. I may end up gifting it to a friend.

As for Unzipped, I’m still on the fence. I’ve never swatched or used it but this is probably the third time I’ve purchased the palette. It’s such a pretty palette to look at but I suspect the shades may be too red-toned for me so I get rid of it every time only to rebuy it at a later date. I’m going to hang on to it for now though.

Current Eyeshadow Stash

I’m proud to report that I sold off my LORAC Pro and Mint palettes not too long ago.

The decision to axe the Mint palette was easy. I knew I’d never use it. I bought it for the cute sequined bag that came with it so listing it on my blog sale was a no-brainer.

The LORAC Pro I had purchased four times previously and sold off each time untouched. I kept buying it because everyone says it’s the greatest thing ever but deep down I knew I would never use the rightmost third of the palette. I think I can now safely say that I’m over the LORAC Pro palette and it’s out of my system for good.

Current Eyeshadow Stash

I was so excited when I found the Fall Temptation quad from the limited edition Fall 2013 Maybelline collection the other day but after laying out my stash I realize I don’t need it. Even though none of the colors are dupes, the gold and brown autumnal shades are similar enough to my Wet n Wild Vanity palette that I don’t need both so out Fall Temptation goes.