Softsoap Pacific Sunset Refreshing Citrus Moisturizing Body Wash

Softsoap Pacific Sunset Refreshing Citrus Moisturizing Body Wash

While browsing the bath aisle at Walmart over the weekend I came across the limited edition Softsoap body washes: Pacific Sunset and Maui Coconut Splash. They actually launched awhile ago but the stores around me are always weeks behind everyone else in the country. Luckily, they were on sale for $2.97 marked down from $3.97.

Being the coconut lover that I am, I thought I’d fall instantly in love with Maui Coconut Splash. Unfortunately, although it smells yummy, it’s not a true coconut scent. Maui Coconut Splash smells more like a piña colada or tropical fruit drink which is not what I’m really looking for. Disappointing. I had some time to spare so I sniffed every brand of coconut body wash on the shelves and there was only one — by Dial, if I remember correctly — that I’d classify as coconutty enough for me; the rest were too floral or fruity. The only reason I didn’t buy that body wash right then and there was because I remembered that I had a Dial coupon at home.

As for Pacific Sunset, I didn’t expect to like it because I had assumed it would smell like artificially flavored orange candy — that is, sugary sweet — or, alternatively, really sharp like orange peels but I was wrong. It’s awesome! It has a delicious fragrance that’s juicy, sweet and sour. To my nose it smells exactly like Ocean Spray and Tropicana’s Ruby Red grapefruit juices. If you love grapefruit scents, Pacific Sunset is a great one. Grab it while you can!