Matte Palette Swatches! Kat Von D vs. Sonia Kashuk vs. Stila vs. theBalm

Clockwise from top left: Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral, Kat Von D Ladybird, theBalm Meet Matt(e) Nude, Stila In The Know

Here they are: the matte palette swatches I promised!

I didn’t have enough room on my arm to fit all 39 swatches so I had to swatch them on my thigh. Please excuse all of the goosebumps. The temperature’s been dropping this past week and it was particularly cool on the day I decided to swatch the palettes.

Just some quick thoughts…

Out of all four palettes I feel that theBalm’s Meet Matt(e) Nude has the best texture. The shadows are pigmented and soft without being a powdery mess. It’s also the most unique of the four matte palettes. None of the others have anything like Matt Singh (peachy pink), Matt Lombardi (yellow), or Matt Hung (purplish gray). If you ever happen to see it on Hautelook when it’s half price I suggest snatching one up. The colors are super blendable and very wearable.

The Sonia Kashuk Eye On Neutral palette is the most versatile, offering the biggest variety of shades so it’s the best bang for your buck. The texture of the shadows is the driest out of all four palettes but the colors are pigmented and blend well. If you’re looking for a good basic black, the one in this palette is much more intense than the one in Stila’s In The Know.

Kat Von D’s Ladybird is the most colorful of the matte palettes in my opinion. It would be perfect for the person who loves their basic neutrals but still likes to experiment with pops of brighter colors because it includes a blue, a unique eggplant purple shade, and an orange. The texture isn’t as smooth as theBalm’s or as dry as Sonia Kashuk’s; it’s a good in-between. The shadows are pigmented and blend well. I’ve heard people describe this as a very warm neutral palette but swatched side by side…by side…by side…I personally don’t find the colors in it to be a whole lot warmer compared to the other palettes.

The Stila In The Know palette is nice but it’s my least favorite of the four. While the shadows are pigmented, the texture is too soft for my liking and creates a lot of fallout. The neutrals can be duped with the less expensive Sonia Kashuk palette and the orange shade in it is very similar to the one in the Ladybird palette. Overall, not a must have.




3 thoughts on “Matte Palette Swatches! Kat Von D vs. Sonia Kashuk vs. Stila vs. theBalm

  1. This was very helpful! I don’t live near any stores that sell theBalm Cosmetics, so your swatches placed next to other palettes’ swatches have helped me decide which to buy. I think I’m going to buy theBalm and then either Stila or Kat Von D to complement it. Still a little torn between those two… having cool and fair skin, I’m leaning toward Stila but they make it so difficult to choose!

  2. I’ve been looking to buy an all matte palette for quite some time now, this helps sooo much! I think I’m going to go with the Sonia Kashuk one, because the value of getting that many shades for $20 is perfect for my budget.

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