NYX Rouge Cream Blush – Natural

Clockwise from left: NYX Natural, Stila Gerbera, Stila Gladiola, Stila Petunia, Stila Lillium

This is a quick swatch and comparison of NYX’s Rouge Cream Blush in Natural (0.19 oz, $6) to Stila’s Convertible Colors (0.15 oz, $25) in Gerbera and Lillium.

As many other bloggers have probably said before, the NYX cream blushes feel softer and wetter compared to the firmer consistency of the Stila Convertible Colors. Both have fantastic color payoff and impart a very dewy finish to the skin, and neither the Stila nor the NYX are scented. On the cheeks, these blushes do feel tacky to the touch so it’s recommended that you set them with powder blush if you’re bothered by the stickiness.

I’ve only tried a NYX cream blush in the shade Natural, a neutral pink leaning warm devoid of any shimmer. If you’ve thought about getting Stila Gerbera or Lillium but haven’t been able to decide between the two, NYX Natural would be a great choice. NYX Natural’s not as bright and peachy as Gerbera but not quite as muted, deep and rosy as Lillium. The three blushes look different in heavy swatches but appear similar on the skin once they’re blended. Let me put it another way: if Gerbera and Lillium decided to have a baby it would probably look something like Natural.

Left to right: Stila Gerbera, NYX Natural, Stila Lillium