Half Baked

Left calf (bottom), Right arm (top)

This is what happens when I forget to apply sunscreen.

For about the past five years now, I’ve made it my mission to stay out of the sun. I don’t act like a vampire who totally avoids sunlight but I’ll never leave the house without first slathering on sunscreen. To me, sun exposure = tanning = skin cancer/premature aging/wrinkles. When I’m 60 I don’t want to look 600.

Over time my freckles faded away and my skin reverted back to its naturally pale state. That is, up until this past weekend when I forgot to put sunscreen on my arms. Now my arms — and most importantly, my swatching arm — are considerably darker than the rest of my body. Argh!

I’m not about to go tan the rest of my body to match so all I can do now is wait for my partial tan to fade which is going to be difficult. I’m the type that tans easily but has a hard time losing a tan, so it could be over a year before I’m a uniform color again. I’ll just have to live with having a pale face and legs and super tan arms for awhile 😦