Limited Edition NYC Rooftop Party Quick Dry Nail Polish

NYC Rooftop Party Quick Dry Nail Polish

New York Color recently came out with their new Rooftop Party collection that includes eight new limited edition shades of Quick Dry nail colors. Each color comes bundled with a clear top coat for $2.19 at CVS.

NYC Heat Wave, Sunburnt, Pool Time, Cool Breeze

The collection consists of four shimmer shades and four creme shades. I, of course, purchased the four creme shades in the collection: Heat Wave, Sunburnt, Pool Time, and Cool Breeze. I may go back and get the yellow shade even though it looks really similar to Midtown Mimosa from the core collection except with shimmer.

NYC Peach Sparkle, Heat Wave, Peaches ‘N Cream

Heat Wave is a bright, creamy orange. Peach Sparkle from an earlier limited edition collection is lighter, pinker and has shimmer. Peaches ‘N Cream (also limited edition) is pinker.

NYC Spring Tulip, Pink Promenade Creme, Sunburnt, Times Square

Sunburnt is a bright, deep pink. Pink Promenade Creme is very similar, just a touch more blue-toned. The limited edition shade Spring Tulip is lighter. Times Square is redder.

NYC Tudor City Teal, Pool Time, Mint Macaroon

Pool Time is a creamy light turquoise. Tudor City Teal is darker and greener. The limited edition shade Mint Macaroon is darker and bluer.

NYC Skyline Blue, Raindrop, Cool Breeze, Water Street Blue

Cool Breeze is a bright, pale blue. Skyline Blue is a lighter powder blue with shimmer. Raindrop is periwinkle. Water Street Blue is a deeper, brighter blue.


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