Maybelline Color Whisper – Orange Attitude

Maybelline Color Whisper – Orange Attitude

I finally got around to trying one of the Maybelline Color Whispers. I purchased the shade Orange Attitude from Target for $5.99.

Rather than orange I’d describe Orange Attitude as a sheer but buildable shimmer-free coral. The Revlon Lip Butter in Tutti Frutti is definitely more orange and has better color payoff.

Visually, I prefer the packaging of the Color Whispers to that of the Revlon Lip Butters. The tube is not only slimmer but also taller with a sleek, translucent jeweled toned cap. The fatter, shorter, quilted Lip Butter tube looks stubby in comparison.

In terms of texture, the Color Whisper is a lot thinner and more slippery versus the Lip Butter which feels thicker and creamier with not nearly as much slip. For me, the Lip Butter is also a lot smoother whereas the Color Whisper feels slightly grainy when I smoosh my lips together.

The Color Whisper reminds me of the way the Nivea lip balm in the blue tube smells (sorry, not a fan). Lip Butters have a soft vanilla scent and taste.

I wouldn’t say either of these products are super moisturizing but if I had to pick one I’d choose the Revlon Lip Butter as the more moisturizing product. It has the uglier packaging in my opinion but I prefer the scent, the color and the thicker, smoother, creamier texture. Immediately after applying the Maybelline Color Whisper my lips feel tingly (allergic reaction perhaps?) and after I wipe it off my lips feel tight and dry. I’ve never experienced that when using Revlon Lip Butters.

Maybelline Color Whisper – Orange Attitude

Maybelline Color Whisper – Orange Attitude, Revlon Lip Butter – Tutti Frutti

Orange Attitude (one swipe), Orange Attitude (5 swipes), Tutti Frutti (1 swipe)