More Inexpensive Wax Tarts

More Inexpensive Wax Tarts

I’m a huge fan of the Better Homes and Gardens and ScentSationals brands of wax tarts that can be found at Walmart for $2. They have an incredibly strong scent throw, come in a wide range of fragrances, and are an awesome value. They are hands down stronger than all of the Yankee Candle tarts and candles I’ve ever used. Yankee can suck it! In my opinion, their candles and tarts are so not worth the money.

My love for BHG/SS tarts aside, I wanted to venture into the retail tart world some more. I’ve purchased from various online vendors before but I wanted to find something I could sniff and buy in person, so I was thrilled when I stumbled upon these new tarts at Walgreens and Walmart recently.

Walgreens has always had a dinky little section for candles and home fragrance but within the past couple of months they’ve begun to stock Patriot Candles wax tarts. The scents available are quite limited but I found four that really appealed to me. The tarts are 2/$5 and each pack comes with six cubes (2.4 oz/68 g). I ended up getting Melon Sorbet (smells like honeydew), Just Picked (smells like McIntosh apples), Coconut Colada, and Sunkissed Nectarine.

More Inexpensive Wax Tarts

At Walmart, I spotted some new Febreze wax products next to the BHG/SS tarts. They had candles in several different scents and sizes  — some even had wood wicks and were quite large! — but, of course, I was the most interested in the tarts. Rather than the usual cube shape, the Febreze tarts come in bar shapes and for $2.97 you get six bars (2.75 oz/77 g).

I’ve really been into peach scents lately so I couldn’t pass up a pack of Febreze tarts in White Peach.

More Inexpensive Wax Tarts

I actually grabbed the Sunkissed Nectarine and Coconut Colada a few months back but just haven’t had a chance to use them yet. This weekend though I’m finally going to have a decent amount of free time so I’m planning on having myself a little tart fest. Hopefully, all of the tarts smell as great (or better) melting as they do in the packaging.