Floral or Freaky?

Xhilaration Metal Bracelet with Floral Dial and Stones Watch – Silver

As you can probably guess from the blog post, I’m still in my cheap watch phase. When I saw this watch at Target this afternoon the splash of red across the watch face really caught my eye, so much so that I ended up buying it ($14.99). I thought the floral design was really cute and would be perfect for Spring.

Target’s website has a listing for it and I have to say the stock photo doesn’t do it any justice. In person the metal watch band is shinier and the crystals are very sparkly. It’s definitely not as dull as it seems online.

Xhilaration Metal Bracelet with Floral Dial and Stones Watch – Silver

I was pleased with my purchase until I showed the watch to my mother who’s not the type of person to beat around the bush. She looked at the watch and thought the red was blood spatter and wondered why I’d gotten such a morbid watch. I can sort of see her point. The red pattern has soft, undefined edges and from a distance the red blotches could be mistaken for blood. Or maybe she’s just cray cray from watching too much Law & Order/CSI/Criminal Minds. Whatever the case, now I can’t get the thought out of my head and I’m debating on returning the watch.

What do you think? Do you see flowers, blood spatter or something else (0_o) when you look at the watch?


8 thoughts on “Floral or Freaky?

  1. I saw lovely flowers and then I read about what your mom said and now I see blood. The power of words and the mind! It was a pretty watch until the second half of your post haha!

  2. It looks more like abstract blotches to me but it is really pretty… If it makes you feel any better, blood isn’t usually such a bright red lol

  3. I thought it was koi fish in pond! Though I do see the point about blood, I think it looks elegant, in a freaky-abstract but elegant way!

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