Wet Seal Shoe Haul

Wet Seal Shoes

Normally I live in Chuck Taylors and ballet flats but lately canvas shoes have been my obsession.

I’d been seriously thinking about a Keds purchase after seeing all of the bright colors and patterns their shoes come in in a bunch of magazine ads. Target and Payless were also options but I happened to be at Wet Seal when they were running yet another sale and ended up coming out of the store with four pairs of shoes!

The coral pink pair were on clearance for $3. They’re slip-ons so that’s why they don’t have laces.

The black/white pair were also discounted but I got them for only $0.01 because of Wet Seal’s Buy 1 Get 1 for a penny clearance sale. w00t! I really love the little black mustaches printed all over the shoes.

The remaining two pairs of shoes were $14.90 each. I was so happy to find the navy/white polka dotted shoes because they’re similar to a pair of Keds I wanted but 3x cheaper. The floral sneakers were a totally spontaneous purchase. I’ve seen lots of girls wearing floral denim and I liked how it looked on them but I doubt that I could pull off such a bold statement. Floral shoes, though, no prob! It’s still the floral trend but on a much smaller, more doable scale.

All in all, I’m very pleased with my purchases. I managed to get four pairs of canvas shoes for less than the price of one pair of Keds. Not too shabby.