My New Obsession: Celebrity Fragrances

Jessica Simpson Fancy, Hilary Duff With Love, Queen of Hearts, Queen

I’m very late to the game but I finally decided to jump on the celebrity fragrance bandwagon 😀

It all started with YouTube. I’d watched several videos in a row in which a few different “gurus” all mentioned liking one scent in particular, Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Love, which they likened to the original Burberry perfume for women (never smelled that one). It really got me curious so I purchased a sample of it off of ebay.

Fancy Love’s a pretty scent but it ended up being way too powdery for me; however, I really loved the sample that came with it — Jessica Simpson’s Fancy — and ended up buying a 1.7 oz bottle of it. Fancy Love has top notes of bergamot, peach blossom and champagne; middle notes of jasmine, lotus, rose, frangipani and peony; base notes of amber, blonde woods, patchouli and musk. The original Fancy has top notes of pear, apricot and red berries; middle notes of gardenia, jasmine, almond and caramel; and base notes of sandalwood, vanilla and amber.

Before going any further I should mention that I prefer fragrances that have vanilla in the dry down and I’m not a big fan of strong floral and fruity fragrances, especially dark berry scents (e.g. blueberry, blackberry).  After spending many hours on, I’ve come to the conclusion that I like gourmand and oriental vanilla fragrances best but I’m not opposed to spicier scents.

Since Fancy was a big hit with me, I decided to look into other highly recommended celeb perfumes that were still in line with what I liked and the two that kept coming up were Hilary Duff’s With Love and Queen Latifah’s scents.

I adore With Love’s bottle (I don’t know where I put the cap) but the fragrance itself is like freshly sharpened pencils on my skin except more masculine, spicy and slightly medicinal. I don’t find it offensive and I’ll wear it but I wouldn’t call myself a fan of it. The top notes are spices and mango; the middle notes are cocobolo and mango blossom; and the base notes are amber and musk.

I had originally planned on getting Jessica Simpson’s Fancy Nights to try but then I read a couple of reviews that said Queen Latifah’s scents were created by the same “nose” so they had a similar feel but were better — as if they’d taken Fancy Nights and worked out all the kinks — so I went with Latifah.

Both Queen and Queen of Hearts are heavy on the patchouli and incense. Of the two I much prefer the original Queen (red bottle) because it’s a much warmer, sweeter scent and the vanilla in it is a lot more prominent. Queen of Hearts is far less sweet and comes across as more masculine and fresh. It has top notes of bergamot, citrus, cinnamon, plum and dewy greens; middle notes of jasmine and red berries; and base notes of musk, vanilla, patchouli, amber, incense, and olibanum.

I haven’t decided if I like Queen yet though. It’s definitely an interesting scent. Whenever I’m wearing it I can’t help sniffing my wrists over and over again but not because I’m in love with it (yet) but because it’s just such a different scent for me. It’s growing on me though. The opening is very boozy which isn’t quite my thing but the dry down is very warm which I like. It has top notes of bergamot and mandarin orange; middle notes of rose, jasmine, cognac and coriander; and base notes of patchouli, sandalwood, vanilla, tonka bean, musk and incense.

It’s not just celeb fragrances I’m interested in though. Lately, whenever I make makeup purchases from Ulta or Sephora I always ask for perfume samples whereas only a few months ago I would’ve always gone with the skincare samples. So far based on the samples I’ve sniffed Prada Candy is the only one I like. I don’t care for Coach Poppy, Coach Poppy Flower, Coach Poppy Blossom, Dolce & Gabana Light Blue, Aquolina Pink Sugar, YSL Parisienne, Gucci Flora, Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy and there are a lot more that I can’t remember at the moment.