Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++

Just wanted to share my new favorite concealer, the Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++.

I first heard about this concealer from one of my favorite YouTube beauty haulers/reviewers, Thekatieab. She has dry skin, too, so when she mentioned liking the Missha concealer I knew I had to check it out.

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++

The price is $16.99 which may sound a little pricey for such a small jar but you get a ton of product. 10 grams! I’m not sure if I’ll ever be able to use an entire jar up.

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++

According to Missha, the Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++ contains Ceramide, Glycerin, Shea Butter, Khufu Azubah Butter, and Cocoa Butter which are all very moisturizing ingredients. There are many, many, many more ingredients in the concealer as you can see on the packaging. All-natural, this concealer is not.

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++

Along with the concealer, which comes in a very pretty jar with a golden lid, is a small flat brush for applying the concealer.

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++

Using a brush with this concealer is a must as it has a very dense, thick consistency. Almost paste-like, I’d say. Applying the product with a finger, you’re likely to grab too much product and the effect will be very cakey.

The brush that Missha provides is all right but I think the bristles are a little bit scratchy, especially if you plan on using it for the delicate undereye area. I’d recommend using your own similarly-shaped synthetic flat brush instead. I think ecotools makes a cheap one.

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++

This is the second Korean cream concealer I’ve tried so far. The first one was the Skinfood Salmon Darkcircle Concealer Cream and I wasn’t a fan. I liked the dewy finish but the consistency was too thin which made it prone to creasing, and it didn’t offer enough coverage.

In comparison, the Missha concealer’s pigmentation is very impressive: a solid medium coverage that can be built up to almost full with a natural skin finish (only slightly dewy), and you only need to use the tiniest bit of product to effectively conceal. It’s best to grab a small amount of product on the tip of the brush and gently pat it onto the areas you need it. Then, to get a better blend, pat over the same area with your ring finger. The heat from your finger will help melt the concealer into your skin.

The concealer is available in two shades so I chose the lighter of the two, shade #21. I would say this shade is suitable for folks in the NC15-20 range.

Compared to some of the other concealers I’ve been using lately, the Missha Signature concealer is more peachy. It’s not as pink as my CoverGirl CG Smoothers concealer and not as yellow as the L’Oreal True Match Crayon concealer.

Left to right: CoverGirl CG Smoothers (Light), L’Oreal True Match Crayon W1-2-3, Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++

People who are sensitive to fragrances will probably have a difficult time appreciating this concealer as it does have a strong powdery floral scent that doesn’t fade. Whenever I wear this concealer, I often catch a whiff of the concealer even hours later.

Lasting power on my dry skin is great! I never set my foundations or concealers with powder and as long as I don’t go too heavy-handed (I often do. Oops!) with the application I don’t experience any creasing with the Missha concealer. The thick, dense consistency helps the concealer stick to the skin whereas a concealer with a slicker texture would slip and slide around on dry skin.

I’m not sure how people with oilier skin types would fare. This concealer may be too rich and emollient for them and may not be as budge-proof.

Overall, the Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer is the best under $20 concealer I’ve found for dry skin so far. It’s fantastic at covering undereye circles and it’s even great for covering blemishes. If you can find a shade match and have dry skin I definitely recommend trying this concealer.

Bare Eyes

Note: For the purpose of this review I’m wearing the concealer on bare skin to show you the coverage, so the color may seem a little off and ashy. As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t really like undereye concealers that are too yellow or peach because they tend to look ashy on top of my dark circles; I prefer pinky undereye concealers. Under normal circumstances, I’d wear the Missha concealer on top of corrector and foundation and the concealer would look more seamless.

Bare Eye (left), Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++ (right)

Missha Signature Extreme Cover Concealer SPF30/PA++


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