Nail Polish Haul

Nail Polish Haul

Winter may not be over yet but that didn’t stop me from picking up some Spring-y and lighter neutral nail polishes.

I grabbed this Soo Nails polish in #s94 Happy Day, a pale pink, from the beauty supply store. So far I’ve been really impressed with the Soo polishes I’ve tried; they’ve all been one-coaters (very opaque). I haven’t tried Happy Day yet but it looks like it could be a sheer jelly. I’ll report back.

Soo Nail #s94 Happy Day

The next three polishes are all new shades from NYC’s 99 cent nail collection.

Lexington Lilac is a creamy light purple.

NYC Lexington Lilac

Fuchsia Glamour (so not Fuchsia!) is a shimmery pale pink.

NYC Fuchsia Glamour

Tudor City Teal is a pretty turquoise color.

NYC Tudor City Teal

The next two polishes are from NYC’s $1.99 nail collection.

Fashion Safari is a tan color.

NYC Fashion Safari

Park Avenue is a taupe color.

NYC Park Avenue

I love NYC’s nail polishes, especially the Quick Dry formula and limited editions, so I thought I’d compare some of the new shades with some I had in my stash.

Here’s Lexington Lilac next to Lincoln Square Lavender. I always thought the latter was quite purple but put it next to Lexington Lilac and it looks super pink! These two aren’t similar at all.

NYC Lexington Lilac, NYC Lincoln Square Lavender

Here’s Tudor City Teal next to the limited edition shade Mint Macaroon (from last Spring?). When I spotted Tudor City Teal in the store I thought it might be a dupe for Mint Macaroon but after comparing them Tudor City Teal is a lot greener.

NYC Tudor City Teal, NYC Mint Macaroon

And here’s Park Avenue next to some other taupes I have in my stash. It seems to be a bit warmer and redder than Metro Chic and Moonstruck; it’s the most similar to Sally Hansen’s Slick Slate.

NYC Park Avenue, Sephora Metro Chic, Confetti Moonstruck, Sally Hansen Slick Slate