Stella Artois Beer & Chalice

Stella Artois Beer & Chalice

I’ve been a BzzAgent member for a few years now and through them have had the opportunity to try many beauty and food products but I think this is the first time I’ve ever been invited to try a beverage, let alone beer.

[If you’d like to learn more about my experiences with the BzzAgent organization please refer to my blog entry here.]

Stella Artois is described as Belgian in origin and initially conceived as a holiday beer so how appropriate that I received my Stella Artois BzzKit right around Thanksgiving and the pre-Christmas bustle. The BzzKit consisted of the informational pamphlet about the brand and a complimentary glass chalice. No coupons or discounts this time around. I had to purchase the beer myself.

I wouldn’t call myself a huge beer connoisseur but I’ve tasted my fair share in my lifetime, especially this past year. Due to my sister’s October wedding a few months ago I took part in A LOT of celebratory dinners at restaurants which often involved plenty of alcohol. I’ve probably drunk more beer in the past 12 months than in my whole life.

Stella Artois wasn’t a beer I was familiar with and I was initially worried about locating the brand but as luck would have it I found it at Trader Joe’s one day while shopping. A six-pack was $8.99 which I thought was pretty reasonable. It definitely won’t break the bank.

With beer on hand I was finally able to take part in what Stella Artois calls the 9-Step Belgian Pouring Ritual. Ooh la la! Supposedly the specially designed chalice and pouring ritual not only enhance the flavor of the beer but the experience as well.

Stella Artois 9-Step Belgian Pouring Ritual

According to Stella Artois the shape of the chalice improves the taste of the beer and after trying the beer straight from the bottle and then from the chalice I have to agree. It really needs to be drunk from a chalice because the flavor out of the bottle is very light and watery. The chalice’s bell-shape helps to boost the taste of the beer by concentrating the aroma and wafting it towards my nose as I bring the glass up to my lips to drink. Not only that but the wide, deep bowl of the glass holds and captures the foam and bubbles so that it’s a more effervescent experience drinking Stella Artois from the chalice versus drinking from the bottle.

All in all, I would describe Stella Artois as a delicate beer that’s quite neutral in flavor. Compared to other beers I’ve tried I would say that it’s rather bland, so I could see it complementing a wide range of dishes and sides. I really can’t see it offending anyone’s palette.

As for the chalice, I adore it! You can bet I’ll be drinking everything from water to iced coffee out of it from now on! It makes everything so much more fancy 😀

Stella Artois Beer & Chalice