Tweezerman’s Free Sharpening Service

Tweezerman’s Free Sharpening Service

On January 2, 2013, I sent in two pairs of Tweezerman tweezers to be sharpened and, surprisingly, a mere 15 days later they were returned to me as good as new! The estimated time Tweezerman gives is 4-6 weeks which makes the turnaround time for my tweezers way above average. I live pretty close to their Port Washington, NY sharpening facility so that probably shaved a few days off of the delivery time too.

Tweezerman tweezers are comparatively more expensive than your average drugstore tweezers but the quality is great and they offer a free sharpening service for the life of the tweezers. I don’t think any other company does that. So even though $22 for a pair of tweezers sounds excessive to some, one pair can last an extremely long time if you take advantage of Tweezerman’s sharpening service. It’s a worthwhile investment because you won’t need to keep on buying a new pair of tweezers every time your Tweezerman gets dull.

Tweezerman’s Free Sharpening Service

All of the information for sharpening your Tweezerman brand tweezers can be found here. Just make sure to clean your tweezers well before you ship them off.

I packed my clean Tweezermans together in a padded envelope with the Sharpening/Repair Form and paid less than $2 for USPS First Class shipping.

Tweezerman’s Free Sharpening Service

I paid for shipping to Tweezerman but return postage was paid by them. They came back in a padded envelope with a card indicating who sharpened my tweezers. Thanks, Freddy! The tweezers were carefully packed in plastic sleeves with plastic protectors on the sharp tips.

My tweezers are once again super sharp and ready to pluck!

Tweezerman’s Free Sharpening Service

ETA: 1/22/13 Update
According to the Tweezerman website, I was supposed to get an email confirmation when my tweezers were received by the Tweezerman sharpening facility. I didn’t receive notification until today, January 22, that they had gotten my tweezers. That’s 7 days AFTER I received my re-sharpened tweezers via USPS. I also received a second notification today that they’ve sharpened my tweezers and that I should expect to get them in the mail in the next 5-8 business days. LOL


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