Quickie Foundation Swatches

Neutrogena Healthy Skin in 10 Classic Ivory, Maybelline Fit Me 110, L’Oreal True Match Lumi W1-2 Porcelain Ivory, Jordana Creamy Liquid Foundation in Natural

I’m weeding out some foundations today. Whatever doesn’t work is headed for the purge pile!

The first three were all foundations that I was excited to try because, according to many reviewers, they supposedly all possess very dewy finishes. I have really dry skin so I’m a big fan of dewy, shiny but not shimmery foundations. My face also tends to get drier as the day progresses so matte foundations are just not for me! I prefer formulas that are dewy and moisturizing.

The last foundation, the Jordana, was simply a last minute addition when I made my Cyber Monday blush haul.

My skin right now’s around NC15 and I went with the lightest shades in all four foundations.

Neutrogena Healthy Skin in 10 Classic Ivory, Maybelline Fit Me 110, L’Oreal True Match Lumi W1-2 Porcelain Ivory, Jordana Creamy Liquid Foundation in Natural

Neutrogena Classic Ivory turned out to be too peachy pink for me and as it dries it actually gets even darker. Not only that but it looks kind of heavy on the skin and really accentuates dry patches. Dewy? Not a chance. More like matte. Not an icky powdery matte but definitely no-shine or dewiness. [Keep in mind, though, that I have very dry skin which tends to mattify and diminish the dewiness of most foundations.] Coverage was about medium. I’ve tried applying this foundation with a damp sponge, brush and fingers but it still looks very “makeup-y” on me and I prefer a natural, “no makeup” makeup appearance. It’s outta here!


I’ve swatched the Maybelline Fit Me foundations before and remembered 110 being a bit too pale for me but the next shades up were all too pink. The formula is rather sheer though so with a little blending it works. I haven’t tried this foundation enough yet to know if I’m a fan. One thing I must say is that lots of people say that this foundation is extremely dewy, even greasy on them but I haven’t found that to be the case at all with me. Perhaps it’s because those people have oily skin and this foundation formula doesn’t offer oil control so they think it makes them look greasy when it’s just their skin’s natural oils coming through. I have extremely dry skin and so far I’ve found this foundation disappointingly matte. It’s not even close to dewy but definitely less matte than the Neutrogena. The Fit Me foundation has the runniest formula compared to the rest and emphasizes dry patches slightly less than the Neutogena Healthy Skin.

Update 2/4/13: I’m ready to give a report now that I’ve worn Fit Me several more times. The formula is lightweight but quite runny compared to the other foundations I tested. Coverage is light to medium. It can look streaky if I only use my hands to apply or only buff with a brush which is why I prefer to apply with my fingers first and then stipple over any streaky areas with a brush or sponge.

Immediately after the Fit Me foundation’s applied and blended it looks great — dewy yet natural — but then it does the oddest thing on my skin. After about 10 minutes it looks like the pigment separates from the moisturizing part of the foundation. Imagine applying a moisturizer on your face and then, before the moisturizer’s had a chance to absorb into your skin, dipping the tiniest face brush into a skin-toned powder once and dusting your face all over with it. That’s exactly the effect that Fit Me has on me. It makes my skin look mostly dewy with an uneven layer of powder on top of it. However, after an hour, the foundation melts back together resulting in a uniform semi-matte finish that’s slightly powdery and then stays that way for the rest of the day.

I’m not sure how I feel about Fit Me. The final semi-matte finish it gives me is okay but I prefer the dewiness I get when I first put it on and wish it looked that way the whole time. Also, who wants to wait an hour before their foundation looks wearable? Despite all that, I’ll probably keep it just because I like the color and only wear it on the weekends when I’m not in a rush to go anywhere.


The L’Oreal True Match Lumi foundation in W1-2 Porcelain Ivory is my best match out of the four. It’s yellowish and pale enough for my skin. At the store I considered getting N1-2 from the Neutral range but it actually looked quite a bit darker in the bottle than the lightest shade in the Warm range. So far this is also my favorite formula out of the four foundations I’ve tried. The finish is the most luminous out of the bunch but still not what I’d call dewy. True Match Lumi has more of a natural matte finish and is the most forgiving on dry patches. The formula’s lightweight, it has buildable light to medium coverage, and no matter how much of it I layer it never looks cakey.


Last but not least is the Jordana Cream Liquid Foundation in Natural. It looks light and promising enough in the bottle but goes really pink on the skin. Coverage is quite light and the finish is the most matte out of all four foundations. I didn’t realize when I bought it that it’s an oil-free formula because it certainly doesn’t play well with dry skin like mine. Definitely a foundation that’s more suitable for oily skin. Purge!

As with all makeup products, your mileage may vary. What works for you may not work for me and vice versa.

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