New Year’s Resolution

My New Year’s resolution is to keep my beauty stash small and manageable with only items that I totally love. If I hate or feel lukewarm about a beauty product then I need to either return it to the store and get my money back or sell it off on my blog sale. My goal is to really streamline my collection and make my beauty routine simple and efficient this year. No more clutter in 2013!

Earlier in the week I sat myself down and swatched all of my nail polishes and I realized that I have way more than I need. Bright pinks and oranges are my weakness but it turned out that I owned multiple dupes of certain colors so those I needed to sell off. I also had to admit to myself that I’d never wear those super dark or vampy colors that look awesome on other people but just don’t suit my personal style, so those needed to go too. I felt extremely proud of myself when I was able to reduce the number of polishes to an amount that’ll now fit into a shoebox. *pats self on back*

And this afternoon I worked hard at reducing my blush stash. I love how certain colors look in the pan but not necessarily on my face. Blog sale to the rescue! From now on I plan on sticking with colors that I know complement my skin tone and not get suckered in by how pretty they look in the packaging. I need to stay away from plums, reds, and pinks that lean too red. Pale, cool pinks seem to work well for me as well as yellowy peaches and orange blush.

There are some bronzers and bronzey blushes that I know I should give up but I’m feeling a little separation anxiety. I’m getting stronger when it comes to purging though so I think it’ll only be a matter of weeks if not days before those hit the purge pile too.