Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale

BBW Semi-Annual Sale Haul

Compared to previous BBW Semi-Annual sales this one was disappointing.

I was hoping on scoring some nice candle sleeves but they didn’t have anything marked down for clearance.

There were a bunch of hand soaps and wallflower bulbs but I’ve never been interested in those.

No Dark Kiss or Cucumber Melon to be found — I suppose people snatched those up right away — but a crap ton of Love Love Love and P.S. I Love You everywhere. The bins for Dancing Waters, Rainkissed Leaves, Butterfly Flower, Malibu Heat and Orange Sapphire were nearly depleted. I’m not a fan of any of these scents so I noted it mentally and continued browsing.

I spotted some Twilight Woods and Warm Vanilla Sugar Fine Fragrance Mists in the 50% off bins. They’ve been repackaged with spiffy new bottle designs so the old ones are on clearance.

I saw a lot of Vanilla Bean Noel Fine Fragrance Mists and Flawless Gold products in the 50% off section. The display was almost totally untouched so it doesn’t look like they’re selling well.

Besides the non-existent candle accessories, I expected to find some of the leftover body sprays in the old (pre-Fine Fragrance Mist) packaging. That was a bust.

3-wick candles that were part of the 50% off sale included Bonfire Maplewood, White Barn Chestnut and Clove, and Verbena Waters. Meh. I also saw some French Baguette candles but I still have three backups so I chose not to get any more…unless it goes to 75%. Haha.

After an initial sniff of Jingle Bellini, Strawberry Sparkler and the Signature Vanillas (Coconut, Berry, Lemon) I decided to pass on all of them. I didn’t even spot Vanillatini at the sale; either they never had any for sale or it sold out on the first day of the sale.

The last things on my wish list were Into the Wild and Forever Sunshine lotions and body creams. Zilch. When I inquired about them I was told they hadn’t received any of the lotions in their shipment. They did however have a ton of the shower gels in those scents so I stocked up. Unfortunately, I didn’t come to appreciate these scents until after they were discontinued but better late than never, right?

Altogether I ended up purchasing six Forever Sunshine shower gels and five Into the Wild shower gels for a total of $20.91 after tax and a $10 survey coupon.  BBW shower gels are normally $11 each so I saved $101.75. Not too shabby and I’ll be squeaky clean for a long time yet 😀