Queen Anne Milk Chocolate Cordials

Queen Anne Cordials

I wasn’t courageous enough to brave the post-Christmas crowds at the mall but I felt I could handle Walmart so I headed over there to pick up a prescription and see if they had any awesome deals.

All Christmas items were marked down 50% at Walmart. I didn’t need any more decorations or gift wrap so I focused on the holiday candy clearance section. Unfortunately, the selection was pretty limited and picked over already by the time I got there but I did manage to get a couple boxes of Queen Anne cordials. I’ve been craving them ever since Tracy of eleventhgorgeous mentioned them in a November favorites video.

I remember trying the cherry cordials when I was really small and thinking they were only okay but Tracy mentioned that she only likes eating them frozen. I’m normally not a fan of candies with oozy, dripping centers so when she said she eats them frozen it really stuck in my mind and made me want to give the cordials another shot.

Since the Queen Anne cherry cordials were part of the Walmart clearance sale, I was able to score a box for $0.64 (regularly $1.28 for a box of 10 cordials). And right next to those were boxes of Queen Anne blueberry cordials, a flavor I’ve never seen before, that were on sale for the same price so I got some of those too.

Walmart also had the extra large boxes of Queen Anne cherry cordials — a box of 40, regularly $4.98 marked down to $2.49 — that I debated on buying but in the end I chose to get the smaller boxes instead.