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I told you I was easily influenced by You Tube videos!

After watching a bunch of LisaLisaD1’s videos and hearing her rave about her Alexander McQueen skull scarf I had to get one of my own…a skull scarf, that is, not necessarily one by AM. I don’t really care about labels so I couldn’t care less about who made what. If I see something I like — regardless of whether it’s a drugstore or luxury item — I’m going to try to find the same thing (or something similar) for the least amount I need to spend. I’ve always liked skull patterns so if I can achieve the same look for less, that’s what I’m going to do.

I happened to find a $5 scarf with a pattern very similar to the Alexander McQueen scarf so I snatched it up immediately but then a few days later I came across a $3 scarf with a larger skull pattern. Turns out I like the second scarf a whole lot more than the Alexander McQueen knockoff.

The two problems I have with the first scarf (and photos of the Alexander McQueen original) are the border and the pattern. I don’t like the mix of different sized skulls, their diagonal placement, and the grins on their faces all look a little creepy and sinister to me.

The second scarf I bought has more visual impact in my opinion. I prefer the larger skulls, that they’re all the same size, and how all of them are lined up neatly in rows. Plus, I think the skull faces on this scarf don’t look as menacing.

The third scarf I bought just because I thought it was cute. It’s a creamy, pinky beige color with a black bow pattern.


CoverGirl Blast Flipsticks – Stunner, Vixen, Minx

I also got some new lipsticks to play with courtesy of BzzAgent. These are the CoverGirl Blast Flipsticks in Stunner, Vixen, and Minx. I haven’t had an opportunity to wear them on my lips yet but I wanted to share some quick swatches with you all before I start testing them out.

CoverGirl Blast Flipsticks – Stunner, Vixen, Minx

My first impression is: FROST! SHIMMER! METALLIC! Oh, my! Not my favorite finishes when it comes to lipsticks since my lips have a lot of fine lines and frost/metallic/shimmer usually enhances them. I’m going to give the Blast Flipsticks a chance though. Who knows, they could surprise me.


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