Influenster Relaunch

It just goes to show how out of the loop I’ve been. For awhile, right after I signed up at Influenster, I was receiving VoxBoxes like clockwork and then I went on a little online hiatus and…nothing. I didn’t hear from Influenster for months. Then suddenly I’m seeing and hearing all of these bloggers, Facebook users and YouTube vloggers showing off all of the amazing products they’re trying via Influenster. What was up with that? I want in! Who wouldn’t?

For the unfamiliar, Influenster is a program focused heavily on social media platforms. The idea behind Influenster is that active bloggers, YouTubers, etc. use their influence (on their blog, YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) to review and spread awareness of products. Reviews are a mandatory part of the process but the content of the reviews — whether it’s a positive or negative review — is completely dependent on the reviewer. The more active you are as an Influenster, the more badges you can unlock on their site which enables you to qualify for more VoxBoxes. A VoxBox is what they call the box of products they send to you to test and review. The badges you earn help them determine your style, personality and interests; and, thus, the VoxBox you receive, if any.

In the past I’ve received three VoxBoxes.

Even though some products inside those boxes were misses there have also been some definite hits and surprising discoveries, and I can honestly say that I loved trying everything out. As a blogger, it’s always a joy testing out products I’ve never heard or seen before and I look forward to each new VoxBox.

Well, it turns out that Influenster relaunched their website at the beginning of October. No wonder I hadn’t heard anything from them! It’s a whole new layout with brand new badges, activities and a scoring system.

So far from just clicking around, the Influenster website has become a lot easier to navigate. Topics of interest (badges, reviews, etc.) are now nicely categorized for easy access. The new site also has more of a community vibe; Influensters can now see and view other members’ profiles to see their badges, reviews, and links to their social media homepages. Everyone’s a lot more connected.

Despite being a veteran Influenster my score is pretty low at the moment (only a 66! :() and I suppose that’s a good thing in the grand scheme of things. It levels the playing field a little so old and new members alike have a more equal shot at being picked for a VoxBox because everyone has to work a little harder to get one. You can’t just rest on your laurels, so to speak.

In the beginning, members can choose up to five Expert badges that sort of give Influenster and its members a feel for your type of lifestyle. Right now I have the Gamer, Fashionista, Chowhound, Sweet Tooth, and Beauty Queen badges. And to boost your Influenster score there are now mandatory as well as voluntary tasks to complete such as writing reviews and sharing product pages. All in all the new Influenster requires its members to be far more engaged in social media and on the Influenster website itself. It’s definitely more challenging than before and the goal that everyone’s now striving for is to get a perfect 100 score which for me at the moment seems a long way off. Good thing I’m always up for a challenge 🙂

Influenster used to be open to everyone but now I think it’s by invitation only because I noticed on my profile page that I only have four invites available. If you’re an active blogger, vlogger, or Twitter/Facebook/Pinterest/Instagram user and you think you have what it takes to be an Influenster leave a comment with your email address below and I’ll send an invite to you.